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°C-ute Review: Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?

New MV



The shimmer, the glam, the classic styles….

Hello!Project nailed it this time! This is in my opinion the most elegant music video since V-u-den’s classic JPOP song ”Aijisai Ai Ai Monigatari” . I’m so excited to see how this single will perform on the charts!

Lets start with Hello!Project’s leader, Yajima Maimi!

Okay, she has to be the most beautiful Idol in the entire world. This dress looks absolutely amazing on her! Despite it being fitted around her torso she was still able to dance perfectly. With her being 24 I keep worrying that the girls will disband soon…  Maimi has no flaws that I could call her out on for this MV.

Hello!Project’s best dancer, the lovely NACKY! 

Nakajima Saki did amazing! This particular single didn’t really bring out her skills. The dance was more subtle than previous singles. It gave us a chance to see a new side of her, she was able to add some charming expressions that we wouldn’t otherwise see. So, Nacky was flawless as always, it wasn’t her fault the choreography different.

The Ace, Suzuki Airi

Oh my god… she was so engaged with the cameras, by far these are Airi’s greatest close ups since she joined Hello!Project in 2002. I don’t know what more I can say to convince people she’s the most professional Idol we’ve seen in a while. I used to not pay much attention to Airi, I thought she was overrated for a while.. However, as of 2012 I started to get the hype , she’s brilliant. This MV is a great example of what an Idol should be!

Our handsome Chisatooooo 

She was absolutely stunning in this! We usually get the boyfriend image of Chisa so I was shocked that she could pull this off. She doesn’t get enough credit for being able to work every single style she tries on! I love how they styled her hair too! Its hard to work with that length, they really pulled this one off! Good Job Chisaaaaaaa!!

And the baby MaiMai is last but not least 

Sometimes I forget we’re the same age, I usually think she’s younger but lately, especially in this MV, I thought Hagiwara Mai was older. I’m not used to seeing the flapper girl style in JPOP! She looks so grown up now. Other than that, Maimai didn’t bring anything new to the table. It’s okay though, she’s still amazing!

 Alright! Thats it, thats all! 


Matsui Jurina Birthday and Taeyeon Brithday!!! + updates

The day has finally arrived once again. The one and only birthday by none other than Matsui Jurina herself! Has finally turned 19!


Lol wanted to write a letter sort of blog post today haha so bare with for both Jurian and Taeyeon

Dear Matsui Jurina,

Thanks for being the funny and talented person you are today!

I’ve watched you grow for the past 3 years that I’ve been in the 48 fandom and i’m so glad that I can call you my role model. ❤

Sae and Jurina ❤ cuteeeee

You’ve cheered me up with you smile and your caring personality, even if your puns aren’t as great to some, their great and funny to me.


You’ve grown to a beautiful and wonderful women that are you are today. I’m so blessed that I’ve got to learn many things about you and myself watching you grow into the individual are you today.


I’m sorry for not updating on SKE48 as much and the 48 family, but you’ve haven’t changed even when I look into SKE48 and AKB48 these past few months.

12 year old Jurina CUTE ❤

Jurina you’re the most modest, sincere and caring idol that I’ve come to love these past few years. Thanks for being my Oshimen and please keep the Wmastui love going! Matsui Jurina fighting!~ ❤ We love you Jurina happy 19th birthday you kissing monster! ❤


You’re beloved fan

Kosupure ❤

ALSO the beloved and leader of the most well known girl group in all of Korea and the world is none other than the wonderful leader TAEYEON!!!

Dear Kim Taeyeon,

Wow it’s literally be  about 7-8 years since I’ve first listened to you in the songs into the new world and kissing you!

18 year old Taeyeon cute!

I’m so glad I’ve gotten back into this groups and i’m glad you still haven’t changed from being the Kid leader that you’ve been for these past years!

I’m so blessed that you’ve grown from a wonderful 18 year old to a now mature and beautiful 28 year old! I’ve remember all the times I tried dancing to Kissing you and Gee when I was around in grade 4-5 lolol.


I grown and seen Taeyeon grow along with all the other SONE in the world, and i’m so, so blessed that you Taeyeon changed and inspire others throughout these years.


You’re the most sincere, caring and funny leader. Its been a hard 2013, but just know were SONES are right behind you and SNSD will forever be OT9 in our hearts.

Anyways Taeyeon i’m so glad you finally have you solo concert and you solo singles a hit! Keeping being the sleepy, funny, silly, kid leader we know! Taeyeon fighting!~ ❤


You’re beloved SONE fan

Kosupure ❤

Also in other new MATSUI JURINA FINALLY HAS TWITTER LIKE FINALLY @JURINA38G! I’ve literally waited so long for it,  but literally waiting for the day she opens her own snapchat and instagram account!

Also in the kpop world the wonderful LEE HI has finally released her comeback songs Breath and Hold my hand in her youtube! YASS LEE HI ❤ watch it here: LEE HI – “한숨 (BREATHE)” M/V – YouTube

Since it the beloved Matsui Jurina Birthday why not try some songs with Jurina here! My personal favourites

Who wouldn’t know Jurina first solo song Akai Pinhiiru to Professor here:Matsui Jurina (AKB48) – Akai Pin Heel to Professor …

Also why not try SNSD first single Into the new world and kissing you two of my personal favourites! here: Girls’ Generation 소녀시대_Into The New World(다시 만난 …

Credits to the original owners of the photos and GIFS on tumblr! and also videos on youtube and JPopsuki TV

By: Kosupure ❤

(P.S: Also almost forgot to say, I will try my best to update this as I have diplomas and also Rugby to do at school! ALSO if you want to join this site or talk to me lol just message me on KiK (faithygal) or line (Jurirena48) if you’re interested in joining)






NMB48’s 5th Generation Audition Details


NMB48 finally announced yesterday that they will add new members to the group. This time around the rules are different:


・ The age group is 11 – 22

・ Applications will be accepted no later than March 20th


Now, usually AKB48 lists other requirements as well such as agency details (that we all kinda scroll past because its boring).

So with that being said we really can’t know entirely what this generation will be like. I’m hoping they have a larger generation full of different personalities. I’d be happy with 8 – 12  new faces!  5th generations have always hit me in a good way. I’m extremely excited to see NMB48 finally re-expanding during the wave of graduations

Also, with AKB48 and SKE48’s graduations I’m hoping they try something new, add a gaijin or anything!


Good luck to the future members!

Sunakku ( ´ ▽ ` )

Suzuki Kanon Graduation


Morning Musume is the most important part of my life. That is why I’m taking the time to fully reflect on the past 5 years of knowing Suzuki Kanon as an Idol.

As a wota, we build close connections to idols and are glad to watch them grow up.. So when I heard Suzuki Kanon was leaving Morning Musume in order to work in Family Services I realized just how important she really is to the world.




Only a strong girl can graduate at the height of her fame to help people succeed the way she has. Zukki, thank you for growing up strong, happy and selfless. She’s been through a lot these past few years. Under constant stress to control her weight not knowing her chubby cheeks were a charm point.

In 2011 she was selected along with Fukumura Mizuki (current leader), Sayashi Riho(graduated this December) and Ikuta Erina (cutest person ever). They made up the 9th generation of Morning Musume and helped revive Morning Musume from their lowest point of success. Zukki helped evolve Morning Musume into the ongoing colourful era, she certainly made a lasting impression and I will support her as she begins to evolve society.




9ki graduates






Update on Nobuzoke (NBZ48)

Hello AKB fans and 48 fans alike!
Im very VERY sorry that we haven’t posted in a long time! GOMEN!! ;A;


I’m actually currently busy with everything since this is my last year of high school!

Also me and Sunakku are currently busy with some personal stuff sooooooo yah. I’ve also haven’t been updating to Majisuka Gakuen 5 and Hatsumori Bemars! OMG IM SO SORRY! I’ve actually gotten back into kpop after not being active for almost 4 years and I’ve come to love a group (lovelyz) as much as AKB, but DON’T WORRY! I’m updating on AKB as soon as possible!

Anyways guys sorry! *bows* I’ll totally update on Takamina Graduation! which is coming in a few months ;;-;; TAKAMINAAAAA! ❤

Anyways thank you for everyone who still look up into this blog! I’m sorry we’ve been pretty busy with personal stuff! GOMEN!


After my whole speech why not try  Lovelyz- how to be a pretty girl here!:151006 Lovelyz How To Be A Pretty Girl @ The Show …

and why not check out their acpella to Beat it here also its amazing!!: [151031] 러블리즈(Lovelyz) Beat It @ 유희열의 Sketch Book …

Also try Ikon song airplane here: iKON – AIRPLANE M/V – YouTube


By: Kosupure ❤ ❤


Hatsumori Bemars Ep 5 and 6

Hello once again and Hatsumori Bemars team has now advance into tougher and bigger team players! But their are still challenges ahead of them and each member has their own challenges they must face.

Academy is a very skilled actor on stage, but on the field she struggles, she’s very timid person and a scaredy cat. And when she is scared her face becomes very red. Academy is seems tough onstage, but that only because she can act in front of people as another person, but when it’s her playing herself she gets scared…

but somethings happens when Marukyu says something behind Academy back. Academy is an asset to the team, but her nervousness get in the way.


Since Marukyu comment Academy has now quit the team! What will happen! Will Hatsumori Bemars be the same without her. Will Academy face her fears and take Marukyu comment! If your fired up on what going to happen you should watch it here:[EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.5 | show48

Spolier alert! if you haven’t watched up to Episode 5 I suggest you should watch it right away! before reading about Episode 6

After Academy un expecting skills at hitting a ball one handed and conquering her nervousness by thinking the field as a stage. However love soon blossom’s as Kote has fallen for a senpai!

Kote! kawaii!! ❤

The members start helping Kote with her love life and even teaching her what a true confession is as Imadoki and Academy teach Kote what a confession should look like and to be honest I fangirled at this moment! omg Imadoki!!!!!


After meeting her senpai she’s suddenly notices that he doesn’t love her, but her fellow best friend and pitcher Nanamaru. She feel as if her best friend has taken everything from her and causes drama on the field as they are in a critical situation of losing friendship. What will happen to Kote and Nanamaru relationship? Will they pull of to win their game!!! Well you can watch for yourself here:[EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.6 | show48

Photo credit to the original owners of this pictures and gifs! also a HUGE thank you to Show48 for the updates on videos for the Hatsumori Bemars vids and all the other AKB related shows!!


Also Episode for Majisuka Gakuen 5 have aired! but i’m currently waiting for the subs right now so please hold on tight!!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!!! Here’s a few gifs from the opening! I’m currently trying not to spoil myself but I’ve seen these around tumblr and they look so cool and stuff!!!


Also AKB48 athletic tournament has come once again!!! I’m actually looking for a site to watch it on! I wonder which team will win this year! Can’t wait to watch it also

Why not try some j soul brothers unfair world here: 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE / Unfair World …

or why not try something new? Maybe some like these wonderful and talented girls here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la9wGdXw5N0 (Sorry couldn’t get the link cuz of the japanese characters)

Have a wonderful day!

By: Kosupure ❤