Iwasa Misaki, AKB48 Graduation Announcement

Wow, This came to me by surprise. As sudden and as sad as it is we prepare to say good bye to another amazing member!

Our enka beauty has decided to quit AKB48 to begin an enka career!

Iwasa Misaki, we wish you all the best in your future! I look forward to seeing your future work!



All my love and best wishes!!


AKB48 and Kpop Look alikes

Ever wonder what you oshimen or bias look alike would be well here are some that you may know or this page might to a surprise!

6. K will and Daesung from Big Bang, never in my mind would I notice the famous Daesung look like to be K will ❤ , damn do they look like twins!

5. L from Infinite and Paruru from AKb48, this was also a shock seeing these two straight faces looking alike, even their glaring is the same just look at it! ❤ now they, could be consider as siblings.

4. Nozawa Rena from AKB48 and Hoshino Minami from Nogizaka46, these two hairstyles and smiles are the cuties, but whats also cute is how they look the same also! like sisters!

3. Yoona from SNSD and Krystal Jung from F(x), these two lovely ladies from the same company just don’t only share the same stage, but also look similar! I’m guessing secretly Jessica didn’t tell us of her second sister Yoona yet! JOKES

2. Miyazawa Sae and Choi Sooyoung, ever since I watched Hellp Baby by SNSD I can’t help, but see the similarities between our beloved Sae and Sooyoung, damn do they suit the short hair nicely! ❤ ❤

  1. Jessica Jung former SNSD and SinB or Hwang Eun Bi from Gfriend, the most shocking encounter I ever had, both my bias looking like twin! damn that shocking, most people already know this, but I can’t help but see a bit of ice princess in SinB when she has a straight face! Love you SinB ❤ ❤

Well I hope you enjoyed some of these look a likes well I did hahah, anyways HAVE A NICE DAY READERS!~ ❤

I currently don’t have new music for you guys to listen to so I’ll do flash back Thursday in some of my favourite songs!

why not try some K will songs such as “Don’t please..” here (p.s the ending might be shocking wink wink): 케이윌 (K.will) – 이러지마 제발 (Please don’t … – YouTube

Also why not try a really old song from SNSD my fave songs of all time Kissing you here (p.s the Seohyung is soooooo cute here! <3) : SNSD – Kissing You MV HQ – YouTube

Photos and gifts credited to their original owners!

By: Kosupure ❤


All About Maachan


From kohai to senpai watching you grow into the amazing idol and role model you are today is the most precious thing I could ever ask for!

Maachan, we’d knew you’d be a star when you grew up!! We’re so proud of you!!!



Almost 5 years ago today Sato Masaki passed the auditions for ONE OF Japan’s fan favourite Idol group, モーニング娘!!

Tanaka Reina was my oshimen at the time so i was extremely hesitant to accept 9th and 10th ki into the group.

The more annoyed I became by Maachan, the more I began to love her. Maachan surely became my Oshimen-to-be as Reina would remain in the group another 2 years before breaking my heart.

On May 21, 2013 Tanaka Reina graduated from the group as Kasai Tomomi had graduated from AKB48. It was a very sad time and took me a while to fully get back onto my feet.



Maachan quickly healed up a lot of wota’s hearts and carried on to be hands down the greatest, funniest and most random member of Morning Musume.

For that, I had to post this to celebrate 5 years of Maachan!!

Maachan and kohai ‘ Chelsea ‘


Triangle demo

If you are missing Oshima Yuko’s absurd handshake events, silly randomness and sometimes slurred sentences, Maachan is almost always described that way! Not saying she’s the ”next Oshima Yuko”, she’s not! She’s the first Maachan lol


When a Fandom becomes a Nightmare

Hey everyone,

Sunakku here, I was going through a rough time lately with personal issues. Just when I was collecting myself, Miyazawa Sae, my top oshimen announced her graduation.

I suddenly came to realize that the Hello!Project and AKB48 Fandom have always been such an amazing support network.

I want to thank all of my AKB48 and Hello!project friends for helping me!!

Despite the support, I recently came across a heated argument on a 2ch thread between AKB48 and Hello!Project. I WANT to share what I learned from this..

All of this unnecessary rivalry is why I left the Jpop fandom back in 2013 for a year. Neither group is worse or better than another. Us AKB48 fans accuse Hello!Project for being fake then turn around and make fun of the entire new AKB48 generations for being fake. AKB48 is accused of sexualizing idols by Hello!Project fans who then turn around and fat shame Maro and Zukki. Regardless of how dramatic us fans build this up to be we’re the real enemies to our own idols.. Whether we’d like to admit it or not the members from respective groups are friends. Lol, in a perfect world this post would inspire people to stop and think about what they say about their own idols.

So this year, I’ve decided to stop letting comments try to make me feel in the wrong for loving both agencies equally.

Second goal, post something more up beat and funny!


Thank you!!





Akb48 43rd single update+AKB48 news+Other updates

Hello fellow AKB48 fans everywhere! Their’s been a new single coming up thison 2016 called Kimi wa Melody! Also once again our beloved Sakura will be centre!! WOOOO GO SAKURA!

Go Sakura!~

List of members that are joining this new single is graduated members such as Itano, Meada, Mariko, Yuko and Takahashi. Also members such as Jurina, Sae, Sayaka, Sasshi, Yuki, Mayu, Yuria and Kato Rena! You can also listen to a short preview here: https://youtu.be/DMd6_yu46PE

Also I would give a LOUD SHOUT FOR SAE GETTING 1st place in AKB48 group request Hour setlist best 100 of 2016!! ❤ I very proud of Sae getting her win for this neew year and I hope that she does great in the following years! SAE FIGHTING!~


Also former akb members have also commented on twitter and other social media about Sae win! She even thanked her fans all over the world about her win and she also stated to keep supporting her even after graduation! which we will! ❤

Also sadly all the original Team K members are all gone… last to join former  Team K members is Umeda Ayaka who announced her graduation on January 23, 2016. It very sad to final see all the original K members gone, but we shall continue to support these girls in the future! FIGHTING!

Umeda Ayaka ❤

Also for some other news… GFriend has finally released their new song called Rough taking a new vibe and dance to a new level far from there current release Glass Bead and Me Gustas Ta! This songs shows how you can’t take waiting for your love one and wished time to go faster, this song is full of beautiful singing and powerful dance moves! WOO GO GFRIEND!





also makane Umji got a new look with getting her bangs done! ❤ which looks amazing btw!

Umji ❤

Also Crush a solo artist has released his single cover called “Don’t Forget” along with Taeyeon from SNSD. This cover shows the sad side of loving, with sad voice and beautiful setting from Japan!




Why not try some songs that I updated on such as Gfriend “Rough” here:[MV] 여자친구(GFRIEND) _ 시간을 달려서(Rough) – YouTube

And Crush song called “Don’t Forget” Here:[MV] Crush(크러쉬) _ Don’t Forget(잊어버리지마 … – YouTube

Well I hope you guys like my update! Anyways thanks to anyone who still follows this blog thank you SOO MUCH! and well have an awesome day everyone!!!

Photos and gifs credited to the owners you original own this on tumblr!

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Hello after soo long HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! YAH  2016

Theirs been a lot of thing going this past year with all the graduation and Sunakku, Oshimen Sae graduating… Its been rough for her. And also for some personal stuff as well that been going on hahah.

I’ve also talked to Sunakku and I don’t know if she’ll post here or will in a while… sooo…

I’ve decided to try my best to keep this blog up after all the hard work we did. I’ve also wanted to put a few changes on this blog, such as adding more idols groups outside of AKB such as into kpop girl groups and also into some E-girls or MM related stuff. I know this is weird since this is a AKB blog, but i’ve been going beyond AKB for a while now and my music taste has changed in a few years, but AKB will always be number one. I’ve been currently into kpop for a while since that got me started into foreign music even before I’ve been into AKB. And I wanted to share some of songs that you guys may have not heard or groups you ever seen or looked into.

I hope that ok with all of you! I’m sorry for not posting in so long, i’ve just didn’t know what to post in a while and i’ve been thinking about what to do with this blog in a while..

Also, if you guys are interested in helping you can! i don’t know if this blog will be a two person blog since i don’t know what Sunakku will blog.

But if you guys are interested please don’t hesitate to ask! i love meeting people and I want you guys to experience new music and you might fine something you like as well!

If you want to contact me about this just message me on tumblr which is Jurirena.tumblr.com or if you have kik just message me at faithygal or line which is jurirena48

Thank for reading and have a wonderful 2016 year!!! Love you guys!

also here a list of 16 songs that i’ve listen to this past 2015 that i love enjoy!

  1. Red Velvet- Automatic
  2. 2588 days- Matsui Rena
  3. Maenomen- SkE48
  4. Shishamo- Tropical Fish
  5. Lovelyz – Achoo & How to be a pretty girl
  6. F(x)- Four Walls
  7. Kurcibiru ni be my baby- AKB48
  8. Flower- Milky Way
  9. Lovelyz- For You
  10. OH MY GIRL- Closer
  11. Ailee- Insane
  12. BIGBANG- Let’s not fall in love
  13. IU- Red Queen
  14. Say it- Troy Lanze
  15. Don’t- Bryson Tiller
  16. Jay Park ft. Okasian- You know


By: Kosupure ❤