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Well, whats a good idol group/ variety icon without some ”omg” scandals?  I’ve decided to leave out Miichan and Sasshi’s scandal because they’ve gotten enough attention.

10.  Becky’s affair! 


Recently Japan’s most famous variety idol has been losing sleep over her affair with a married Man. Becky and Kawatoni Enon have worked together on variety series. The singer, Enon, despite being married fell in love with Becky. Under deep lust, love and affair he even brought her over to meet his family!! His wife’s health has deteriorated over not being able to eat. She has filed for a divorce and Becky and Enon continue their relationship despite beind advised otherwise. Love.. you think you know what it is… then your whole world can change! Good luck Becky!

9. “Koreans Look Like This”


Tisk, tisk tisk! International fans of Morning Musume felt extremely hurt and sad after a hugely controversial blog post. Tanaka Reina of Morning Musume has always made it clear that both KPOP and Korea are at the very bottom of the list of what she likes. With that being said Reina in general is a hard to please Idol, thats why I love her so much. Despite that, when the blog post about ”ugly korean eyes” was posted I was taken back and shocked. The remaining members of generation 6 had all participated in photos mocking their image of Koreans. Within a few hours the blog post was removed and apologies were written.

Michishige Sayumi’s apology barely touched the subject. And Reina did not apologize at all expressing she’s made people feel uncomfortable and it was inexcusable of her . She assured she wouldn’t post such opinions again.  Kamei Eri and management made a full apology regarding the incident.

8. Third time a charm


Milky, milky, milky… 👏

By this point she knows she can get away with anything. Since 2010 she’s been caught three separate times with men and makes a half-assed apology. Regardless of her scandals, I’m more surprised with management! Either hire every girl that was fired for scandal or fire Miyuki.. I’m sick of AKB48’s double standards and hypocracy. That’s the real scandal here, the way management in every idol group can either bend rules or throw you out the window. Where is the back bone in agencies? Treat every girl fairly and equally even in punishments.

7. Not So Charmy After All 


This has got to be my favourite scandal to look back on! Very rarely do we get to see Idols get real. However, someone secretly recorded Morning Musume’s Ishikawa Rika bashing her middle-aged fans. She was tired of being sexualized and began ranting about how the Idol industry turns women into objects. The worse part about this.. THEY MADE HER APOLOGIZE!! HAHAHA wow! Another example of an awesome management team! Well, I guess with her being Charmy she upholds her sweet image. She’s part of my favourite generation of Momusu and my favourite idol group v-u-den!

6. Insta-woah! (A lot of uncertainties regarding this) 


Mayuyu, so innocent, so kind and so caught red handed. It’s highly suspected that Nishino Miki leaked senpai Watanabe Mayu’s instagram account. Mayuyu had posted some interesting photos of her treating cold sores and so on.. Mayuyu was also bashing Haruppi and Sakura about having a lot of  plastic surgery being so young ! As of right now, everyone is denying this was Mayuyu. What makes it interesting though is that the account was deleted BEFORE the scandal surfaced.. If it was just a troll how would they have known to delete it before the issue even came up. Unless it was Mayuyu who was confronted and deleted it before fans could dig in.

5. Fried Chicken Frenzy


By far, the F U N N I E S T scandal of all time! S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka had a heated argument with her staff member after a performance.  It’s unclear what exactly the argument was about. All we know is that Wada got so angry that she flung a piece of fried chicken at him. The reason this is so funny us because she’s a sweet, innocent Buddhist who never gets angry! And FRIED CHICKEN! Not a pen, not a rock but fried chicken! Lol i can’t 😂😂😂

4. Toilet Paper


So if you don’t know who Matsuura Aya is, you really can’t say you know much about Japanese Icon’s at all. One day, photos surfaced of Matsuura-sama bringing toilet paper into someone’s house. The fact that it was toilet paper is kind of funny 😂.

She stayed the night and was photographed the next day leaving the house without toilet paper. So apparently fans immediately assumed something sexual went down. Who knows for sure? Either way that darn toilet paper never made it out of that house.

3. Takamina’s 20th Birthday party



Oh my gawd!

OH HOT DAMN was this scandal ever shocking! Last year photos surfaced of Takamina and Miichan from a few years ago doing some suggestive photos with ”staff members” one man was even photographed naked, I don’t want to post those types of photos on our site. You can find them though.

2. Those Gaijin though


I think we can all agree Acchan personally wasn’t ready for her graduation but did it so others could have a chance to shine. Oshima Yuko, who was still a member at the time chased after Maeda out of a restaurant. Maeda had tears streaming down her face for an unknown reason. Yuko went out to comfort her and after a while two gaijin men held the girls and brought them back inside.


Saddest Idol in the world.


Kago Ai suffered from serious depression during her last year of Morning Musume. Despite having hundreds of more members AKB48 has less scandals than Hello!Project. Whether it was Iida Kaori dry humping a man, Ishiguro Aya quitting due to pregnancy. Yaguchi Mari going AWOL over night from a boyfriend to years later having an affair. The entire 6th gen having scandals, Fujimoto Miki leaving for her husband. Kusumi Koharu admitting she used Morning Musume. Wada Ayaka hating foreigners. Maro constantly crying for attention by bashing her weight.  Natsuyaki Miyabi’s boyfriend scandal, Suzuki Airi bashing smokers, the list just doesn’t end for hello!project! Thats why I love them so much, they keep it real. 💗👍

However, Kago Ai was the saddest, she began smoking at a young age to gain approval from an older man. She was blinded by love despite his age and intentions. After the scandal went public he dumped her. She felt like she had no one and slit her wrists to end it all. She seemed to have recovered over the years but she recently revealed her husband was abusive and took her baby and left.

Aibon, we love you deeply and care so much about you! We’re always cheering you on! Continue to work hard


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Thank yoooou!! ( ´ ▽ ` )

I love every single name I mentioned today, this was not intended to offend anyone!!