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Hello! it’s been a while and i finally have a bunch of new music that I would love to share with you, some is both kpop and jpop enjoy!!

5. CRUSH “Woo ah”- I was a hard choose between 9 to 5 and this, but hands down this song is my fave so far. Crush is bringing his R&B style again which I love so much. The songs tells about how much he love someone and the Mv was… wow. The woah part was ok,  but after listening to it for a while its such a great song to pump up your morning, making you want to make coffee for your love one or something like that lol. My fave part is the little bit of rapping he put near the end of the song since I love hip hop right now. Overall the music as amazing as expected by Crush and the MV was very colourful and romantic.



MV:[MV] Crush(크러쉬) _ woo ah(우아해) – YouTube

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

4. ANGRYME: :”Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku/ Itoshima Distance/ Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru”- I haven’t listened to lot of Morning Musume sub units, but this song appeals to me in some way  <3. The song is very catchy to my ear, however the music video was a bit off to me in some areas. The costume were very colourful and unique, but i didn’t really get it in a way since the song is about love and their costume where a bit off from the concept. The dancing was actually really good, and the visuals that zooms into each member has the most amazing shot and literally all the members were flawless. Overall the song is very catchy, but the music video visual was ok.

Sing it! <3<3<3<3

MV:アンジュルム『糸島Distance』(ANGERME [Itoshima Distance]) – YouTube

Music Video: 3.4/5

Song: 4/5

Overall: 3.7/5

3. Kana Nishino: “Anata no Sukina Tokoro” – I actually really love Nishino songs, and this song was overall so cute! The visuals are every childlike in some ways and shows a very cute side of Nishino. Her vocal skills are to die for and she literally killed it singing this song. This sounds like an anime ending a bit and I think this is from an anime? but i’m not to sure. Overall this is song is very enlightening and I love the visual and Nishino herself <3.


MV:Kana Nishino – Anata no Sukina Tokoro (Full PV) – YouTube

Music Video 4/5

Song: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

2. NMB48: “Amagami Hime”-OMG THIS SONG THO ❤ <3. Like omg this song was literally so good. This actually reminds me of SKE48 coupling single Sekai ga Naiteru Nara. The visual is like literally like i’m watching a movie. The story was a bit odd as i didn’t get why their eating eachother arms? but the song is very catchy and the visuals are like AMAZING. Sayaka literally was bae lol <3, like omg idk I guess cuz this song fits her personality and she literally a badass stealing food lol like she can literally steal stuff from me also LOL. Anyways overall it was an amazing song, the concept of the video was a bit off with the eating each others arms, but overall it was AMAZING!!! Sayaka literally killed it and also Milky and everyone else in NMb48, i’m so proud!! ❤ ❤

YASS SAYAKA SLAY <3333 I ❤ you!
That arm tho yum!

MV: VOZ48 – [MV] NMB48 14th single – Amagami Hime -full ver.- | Facebook

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

1. Tiffany Hwang: “I Just Wanna Dance” – YASS LIKE FINALLY, I actually literally waited for this album to come out for so LONG. I actually waited for this music video to come out during school today lol at like around 9:00am. The song actually fit Tiffany style of music and the visuals where like OMG <3. I’m so happy with how the song went and the whole album itself. I actually like her song “What do I do” a lot and it’s in english also! The song was literally perfect style of pop mixed in with a bit of R&B and ballad. This song won’t appeal to everyone, but it a different approached from SM and i’m glad they took the chance to give this unique flavors of music to Tiffany. And also can’t forget Tiffany herself which she literally killed it! Overall I love this song and this MV was like perfect, such as herself and her album. Oh and if you don’t already know this Tiffany is my ultimate bias in kpop and i’m so happy she got this solo! FIGHTHING ❤


Tiffany Hwang ❤
Dance it! ❤

MV:TIFFANY 티파니_ I Just Wanna Dance_Music Video – YouTube

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5




Sekai ga Naiteru Nara (世界が泣いてるなら) PV Review and Explanation!

SKE48 Coupling song Sekai ga Naiteru Nara for AKB48 Single Green Flash… this PV has a much deeper meaning to this horrible crime than what you think?

Well first of all I’ve read some explanations and reviews on this PV and was very curious upon reading some.. and so I wanted to shows you guys what I thought this Music Video was about! Also if you haven’t watched the MV and don’t want to be spoiled please watch it first before reading this! Also its an AWESOME MV so please check it out!

Click here to watch SKE48 coupling song:

In the beginning scene it shows a back to forth flashback to and from a prison and school setting, and scene where the members are with a Detective …  we also see Jurina holding a needle in the beginning of the MV… but why? As you can tell there already something off about their teacher as he seems unresponsive.


Well if you continue to watch the MV you later see Rena holding the same needle as she watches her teacher leave with another women and also at the end where you see her alone holding the same needle, with her teacher. If you look at this you see a connection! But what connection does it have?

As you know the Detective interviews various members about the crime and you see various personalities, from psycho Churi to seductive Sae, and if you haven’t noticed you’ll see a box numbered from 1-16 flashing on the screen at times. Well this is the numbers for students! But why I’m I saying? if you haven’t noticed in the prison scene there are cells  numbered 1-16 also! Weird right, but why?


As you later see, Rena is jealous seeing her love one getting close to other members and what else you see a crazy Jurina walking in the halls of the prison. As well you see Rena is confined in a prison and her cell is 16 and what more you find out Jurina cell is 1….. But wait the box of number 1-16 in the middle you see the numbers 1 and 16 flashing back and forth…We all you know the numbers stand for the members also, Jurina personality as she gets interviews is the strong and aggressive type and Rena is more shy and timid. Therefore there opposites of each other… and the flashing 1 and 16 are Rena and Jurina.


As you know Rena goes crazy and the scene where Rena and all 16 members stands behind her, and when Jurina whispers into her ear… this has a symbolic meaning. The times when Rena watches the member interact with the one she loves… well they are her. I can tell you guys are like “WHAT!” but if you see the scene with Jurina holding the needle and when Rena has it, didn’t you see the same smile Jurina and Rena gave to the detective! It’s implying that Jurina and Rena are the same person!!!! Rena has a condition called Dissociative identity disorder or DID, which is a condition where she has many distinctive personalities that she has created. Even the members standing behind Rena shows that there all connected! The image in the beginning with all 16 members taking a picture with there teacher to finally seeing Rena alone taking a picture shows that all 16 members are Rena!


All the members 1-16 are Rena alterative personalities! And what more Rena is jealous of her personalities she created taking her love one away, she wants to be like them as she watches and follows the other with the person she loves. However Jurina personally is trying to take control of Rena, as shown when the numbers 1 and 16 flash back and forth. And the fact Jurina is trying to get Rena body all to herself she seems like she helping Rena get her love one when she whispers into her ear, but in reailty she didn’t.. All the other personalizes are somewhat scared of Jurina, because she the most feared personality Rena has created, and what more Jurina is the reason Rena injected the needled into her teacher!


It’s all coming together as you see near the end Jurina trying to get into Rena cell and she screams, afraid of being taken over by Jurina! And at the end, you finally see Rena disappearing and Rena starts to fade by the fact Jurina is slowly taking over her. In the end Rena and Jurina are fighting to live and be one person! Remember the part where Jurina whispers into Rena ear? That was the scene where Jurina has totally control of Rena, in reality the Jurina holding the needle in the beginning is Rena being controlled by Jurina all this time!


This is taking a HUGE turn! Some people may say that Jurina has won, but to me Rena is trying to fight Jurina away! the other personality have given up… But Rena is fighting.. She never wanted her love one to be what he is now… if was all Jurina not her and she finally realizes in the end that Jurina took control of her!


Well that what I thought this MV was sending the fact Jurina is the master and Rena is a puppet. The other personalities that she has are no more because, Jurina has already taken them out as they are confined the theirs cells.. And the only cell she needs to go next is Rena. You also Jurina holding a needle while trying to get into Rena cell! This is Jurina trying to control Rena and using the same needle to control her teacher to control Rena, and to her Jurina is the most dangerous and the most darkest personality that she has created! and now Jurina wants fully control Rena forever!


Gifs credited to the tumbler blogs that originally posted it!

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