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°C-ute Review: Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?

New MV



The shimmer, the glam, the classic styles….

Hello!Project nailed it this time! This is in my opinion the most elegant music video since V-u-den’s classic JPOP song ”Aijisai Ai Ai Monigatari” . I’m so excited to see how this single will perform on the charts!

Lets start with Hello!Project’s leader, Yajima Maimi!

Okay, she has to be the most beautiful Idol in the entire world. This dress looks absolutely amazing on her! Despite it being fitted around her torso she was still able to dance perfectly. With her being 24 I keep worrying that the girls will disband soon…  Maimi has no flaws that I could call her out on for this MV.

Hello!Project’s best dancer, the lovely NACKY! 

Nakajima Saki did amazing! This particular single didn’t really bring out her skills. The dance was more subtle than previous singles. It gave us a chance to see a new side of her, she was able to add some charming expressions that we wouldn’t otherwise see. So, Nacky was flawless as always, it wasn’t her fault the choreography different.

The Ace, Suzuki Airi

Oh my god… she was so engaged with the cameras, by far these are Airi’s greatest close ups since she joined Hello!Project in 2002. I don’t know what more I can say to convince people she’s the most professional Idol we’ve seen in a while. I used to not pay much attention to Airi, I thought she was overrated for a while.. However, as of 2012 I started to get the hype , she’s brilliant. This MV is a great example of what an Idol should be!

Our handsome Chisatooooo 

She was absolutely stunning in this! We usually get the boyfriend image of Chisa so I was shocked that she could pull this off. She doesn’t get enough credit for being able to work every single style she tries on! I love how they styled her hair too! Its hard to work with that length, they really pulled this one off! Good Job Chisaaaaaaa!!

And the baby MaiMai is last but not least 

Sometimes I forget we’re the same age, I usually think she’s younger but lately, especially in this MV, I thought Hagiwara Mai was older. I’m not used to seeing the flapper girl style in JPOP! She looks so grown up now. Other than that, Maimai didn’t bring anything new to the table. It’s okay though, she’s still amazing!

 Alright! Thats it, thats all!