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New Series Release!!

Hello my fellow AKB48 fans today I’m excited to one again say that Majisuka Gakune 5 will be released soon!!! YESSSS, OMG me and Sunakku have waited for his to come after finishing Majisuka 4.


There would be once again be rivalries between an old and new enemies!


I’ll start in August 24th! and I’ll be doing Majisuka updates again! Yeah! And the trailer has been up for a while but you haven’t seen it you should see it even if it a few seconds

Click here to see the AWESOMENESS! :That Majisuka Gakuen 5 Trailer tho


Also AKB48 rivalry group Nogizaka46 has also released their own Drama called Hatsumori Bemars!


This show is filled with funny and memorable moments even though I watched 2 episodes of it, it’s still a good series I recommend for others to watch! Its about a group of friends Nanamaru (Nanase Nishino), Chopin (Erika Ikuta) and Kote (Kazumi Takayama) trying to protect their childhood park called the Park of Beginnings from being turned to a building. However  Kirei (Mai Shiraishi) the ace of the soft ball team has challenged Nanamaru to a soft ball competition and if they beat the Champion which is Kirei school they can keep the park, and if not it will be hers. They 3 of them never once played soft ball and decide to accept the challenge and form the soft ball team Hatsumori Bemars and claim their park back!


Their also a character that who’s a Yankee like in Majisuka and she even makes a reference to the akb Majisuka Gakuen as she states she’s has beaten some Maji students! I’m guessing shes pretty strong And her name is Imadoki (Yumi Wakatsuki )


I’m Glad that they finally made a series for this wonderful girl! Can’t wait to see other episodes for Hatsumori Bemars. I will also do reviews on this series and do 2 episode reviews in one!

You can watch episodes 1 here: [EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.1 | show48

And Episode 2 here also: [EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.2 | show48

Credits to the owners of these Gifs and also to Show48 for the subs for these videos!


Why not watch and hear AKB new single called Halloween Night here: [MV] Halloween Night Short ver. / AKB48 [official]

Also why don’t you try Kpop group Infinite here: 인피니트(INFINITE) “Bad” Official MV – YouTube

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The final episode of Majisuka has finally come! the waited battle between Sakura and Salt is finally here! The battle of all battles has arrived! I’m sad to say that Majisuka Gakuen has finally come to an end NOOO! But I’m happy to say that this series of Majisuka made me cry, laugh and overall attached to the characters as the other Majisuka Gakuen past seasons


Sakura, Salt and the rest of the gang have developed new friendships and there character in a span of 10 episodes and I’m happy to see them grow as young Yankees! This season had an amazing cast of new and fresh actress! and i’m glad that everyone was involved in Majisuka made the show extra special! There acting was simply amazing! Can’t wait to see them in future shows!


Even the sence with Gekioko made me emotional! Just look at this since Antonio lose against Sakura! Kobii and Antonio are making up! ❤ Everyone in Majisuka was just AMAZING! ❤


Also, I’m happy to see a past member Nezumi has come back to check out Sakura and how well Majisuka is doing since her graduation. OMG she still wore the hoodie and ate her gum like always! YOU GO NEZUMI! ❤


Majisuka Gakuen 4… This season had so many epic battle but wait! An old enemy has finally showed up Yabakuen! What will Majisuka do now that Yabakuen has showed up? The Fight is NOW! A new battle has arrived and it’s must be leading to something exciting!!! OMG YESSS! Can’t wait to see what in store for that!


Also Sakura and Salt battle has finally come after so long! who will win? Sakura? Salt? OMG this excitement is just killing me!


Well enough of me talking why don’t you see for yourself of the epic battle between Sakura and Salt now here! [AIDOL] Majisuka Gakuen 4 – Episode 10

Gifs and photos credited to the original owner on tumblr! Also Big thanks to the members of Aidol for giving us updated Majisuka Gakuen and other AKB related stuff! you guys rock!

Also why not try a lovely group actually called Lovelyz-Goodnight Like Yesterday to cool you down![MV] Lovelyz(러블리즈) _ Good Night Like Yesterday(어제 …

and If that didn’t cool you down enough why not try SKE48 Newest single Coquettish Juutai Chuu now! SKE48 – 17th Single “Conquettish Juutai Chuu … –

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Majisuka Gakuen Gekioko vs. Majisuka

I wanted to say this is a combined review of both episodes 8 & 9 of Majisuka Gakuen 4, enjoy!

The battle has finally come! Salt and Sakura fight has came! After Salt saw Otaba defeat she has finally figured out what being the leader of Majisuka really is and now she plans to show her determination to keep Majio strong!


Sakura on the other has has also found the meaning of friendship and instead of taking the top by herself she has finally comes to terms of seeing the top with her new friends, she’s found along the way. Sakura has finally found what Minami has told her during the episodes of Majisuka! YES SAKURA YOU FINALLY NOTICED!


I’m also glad to say I was happy about the character development of both Sakura and Salt, they lost the meaning of what they were fighting for and when they finally saw what it truly was in front of them, they changed! YOU GO SALT AND SAKURA! ❤


But wait! Kobii on the other hand has plotted something for Salt! NO KOBII WHY! Now Salt in big trouble OMG NO! What happened to Salt! will Sakura and Salt battle continue!? What is Kobii planing? Before I continue to write on about episode 9 why not watch Episode 8 right now!


Click her to watch what has happened to Salt here at: [AIDOL] Majisuka Gakuen 4 – Episode 8

After watching Episode 8 we finally saw what Kobii has done! her morals of being second best all the time make her decided to fight Salt by herself and in the process of this she carelessly hurt Salt and now has a guilty feeling inside her… NO KOBII


Also everyone in Majisuka is in a state of darkness… they found out there leader of Majisuka Salt is hurt and all of Majisuka is lost, also Sakura after seeing Salt being taken to the hospital has ran to see if Salt was ok.The Heavenly Queens are also worried about Salt state and they plan to destroy who ever hurt Salt. They all figure out when Salt has awaken that Kobii a student of Gekioko has done this to her.


After Salt conversation with the Heavenly Queens Sakura Sakura talks with Salt. Sakura sees Salt determination to keep Majisuka safe, but Salt is hurt and Sakura has vowed to keep Majisuka safe for Salt sake. And she plans to take Gekioko down once and for all! Also we get to see the famous Majisuka Gakuen student Centre! Yes finally we see her as a nurse and she even tell Salt that she has changed! Happy to see Centre again after so long! ❤ She taking the same job as what Sado has done in Season 2! Aww Centre following your Senpai ❤


Now things are heating up!!! The Heavenly Queens decide to settle what Kobii has done to Salt and also Sakura and the rest of the gang plan to settle things also! Antonio has also taken Kobii action she done into her hands and now plans to settle things one on one with Sakura! What will happened to Sakura! What about Salt? Will Sakura and Salt battle still happen! Will Majisuka beat Gekioko once and for all?


Well enough of me talking why don’t you see for yourself!!!

click here at:

gif credited to the tumblr blogs that originally posted it! And thanks to Aidol for up loading the new Majisuka Gakuen and other AKB shows! you guys ROCK!~

Well after all that Badass Yankee fighting why not relax listening to E-girls Dance all night! here at: E-girls / RYDEEN 〜Dance All Night〜 (Music Video It’s AMAZING! ❤

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Majisuka Gakuen 4! OTABA HAS COME!

The newest episode of Majisuka Gakuen has came out with a new Episode, the waiting battle between Sakura and Otaba has finally come! The Ex Leader of Majisuka has finally became serious then before and will do anything to protect the pride of Majisuka with all her might!


Otaba! we seen her grow from being a very mysterious person to a person that now has became more open, and a bit more talkative! She was the Leader of Majisuka Gakuen in season 2 and she was one me and Sunakku Favourite characters!!!  Yui acting has grown so much! You Go Otaba!!! ❤


In this episode we finally see the battle between Sakura an Otaba in action, Otaba herself evens tells Sakura that there’s no tricks just a one to one battle of brutal yankee power! The battle between these two was super intense! and me and Sunakku have to say this battle was the battle that Otaba showed Sakura what taking Majisuka was really about!!!


Otaba she grown so much over the years since being in Majisuka and we also get to see some character development with Sakura also! hehehe you have to find that out yourself when you watch it! ❤


Highschool has also finally declared war against Majisuka! what will happen now! this season of Majisuka has just got more and more intense! and I love it!


Well isn’t it enough of me talking right! haha Why don’t you watch the Battle between the Ex Leader of Rappapa, Otaba and Sakura in action!!! here at Aidol! Even Salt is wants to know what going to happened, just look at her!!!!


Also thanks again for Aidol for subbing these Majisuka Gakuen epiosdes there team put alot of effort and love to let AKB fans everywhere experience and understand Majisuka! ❤

click here to watch Majisuka Gakuen episode 7: [AIDOL] Majisuka Gakuen 4 – Episode 7

The gifs and photos are also credited to the users of Tumblr that I took! thank you guys also!

Also once in a while I’ll put a link at the end of my post to a song that you guys can check out AKB and Non AKB related Jpop music videos! Why not try listening to FLOWER one of my fave groups! Sayonara Alice here at

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Majisuka Gakuen 4! Gekioko Strikes Back!

Sakura has successfully defected the trickers Magic! Salt has now taken a personal liking to Sakura and waiting for her arrival to finally come. Now the last Heavenly Queen, Otaba has become serious! The former Rappapa leader of Majisuka, what will she plan for the battle between her and Sakura! Can’t wait to see Otaba in action again


As for Gekioko High School, Kobii doesn’t want to stand around and wait, so she calls upon a duo Shirogiku and Kurobara to “Stir up” Majisuka and Gekioko battle, you sneaky Kobii!


Also in this episode i’m proud to say the finally awaiting Underling DARUMA has finally arrived! She has given Kamisori and Zombie advice when they finally noticed that Sakura doesn’t consider them worthy underlings! Daruma encourages them be Sakura underlings no matter what and they consider her advice! But wait….. Daruma holding around a stroller? Is she taking care of Black child? Is it her own?? We will never know, but i’m happy to say her wings of victory are always the best don’t you think?


Just as this is happening Zombie and Kamisori are captured by Shirogiku and Kuobara! news gets to Sakura and she finally rushes to save these two! OMG will Sakura be able to defeat them? What will happened to Zombie and Kamisori? Will Sakura have the will to save them both?


Well what are you waiting for! Go watch and see for yourself! This episode shows Sakura true feelings for her underlings and the growing bond between Team Hinabe, Zombie and Kamisori and Sakura! And I personal love this episode so far! And I can’t wait for the other arrivals of other former Majisuka students! Also come on Majisuka! why don’t you show Gekikara, Centre, Youran and Nezumi already LOL!

Thanks for Aidol for subbing and giving us sub videos of our favourite AKB variety and dramas! Why not check there channel here:

And the gifs and images are credited from the bloggers from Tumblr!

Want to watch the newest episode of Majisuka Gakuen 4 Episode 6! well why not click here now:

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Majisuka Gakuen 4! Episode 5



A new battle starts NOW!

Magic in this episode shows how Yuria grew as an actress! Just look at her now SHE BADASS! And this episode made me realize how AWESOME Yuria is as one of the Heavenly Queen! ❤

Well Magic is a bit stubborn and has a “I hate to lose character” She the 3rd Heavenly Queen to challenge Sakura and she is determine to take her down with her own hands. She even has a few tricks up her sleeves to insure her victory.

When all of this is going her underlings are still following Sakura, but like Meada she ignores them like there not even there, and continues to climb the top by herself. I just wish Sakura took noticed on her underlings! Come on Sakura I know you care about them!

Even when all of this is happening Salt is waiting patiently for Sakura arrival, meanwhile Otaba isn’t going to let Sakura take the Heavenly Queens down as she the last Queen after Magic.


The climax for the Majisuka is coming as Gekioko High School is finally taking action and bring in 2 new characters to bring Sakura down!!


Well if enough of me talking about it this Epic Episode! Why don’t you see for yourself of the Epic Battle between Magic vs. Sakura!


Click here:

Big Thanks for Aidol team for bring updated Majisuka and Akb related videos to us! and also the Gifs and Photo from Tumblr!

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Majisuka Gakuen 4 Episode 4!!!



This episode everyone in Majisuka has heard Sakura victory against Yoga, now Salts calls upon Bakamono to take her Sakura down, once and for all! You better watch yourself Sakura, even though Bakamono is the “Baka “character her strength is no laughing matter! She can take anyone down with one hit!! Even Bakamono is eagerly waiting to take Sakura down! Just look at her!


Better watch our Sakura!!

Zombie and Kamisori have officially become Sakura underlings and they follow Sakura everywhere they go like Daruma does to Meada!!! Now Majisuka is in an uproar about Sakura! Team Hinabe, Zombie and Kamisori are rooting for Sakura! GO SAKURA GO!! YOU CAN DO IT!!


When all of this is happening in Majisuka, Gekioko Koko Highschool is planning to take down Majisuka down and even spying on Sakura!! you sneaky sneaky Gekioko!!! We also get to know the reason Antonio wants to take down Majisuka!!


Well enough of me talking why don’t you watch the epic Battle between Bakamono vs. Sakura!!! tumblr_nj9vp6GnkA1ryohiso1_400

Thanks for Aidol for the subs for these Majisuka Gakuen 4 episodes!! and if you want to watch other AKB relate stuff why not check out there website!

Watch it episode 4 brought to you by aidol! click here on the link:

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Majisuka Gakuen 4! Episode 3!



Woah! Sakura tho, in this episode was badass!!!! She so like Meada character! I have to say this episode showed Sakura character to her being a badass yankee, and wanting to take the top and showing everyone that she isn’t weak!  she even got herself some underlying Zombie and Kamisori! That will follow her till the end!


Even with the new group of friends that she meets, she still has this “I can do this myself”attitude just like Meada!! Sakura having firends is ok! even OG told you to get yourself some friends!


Well anyways, Sakura is spreading like wide fire when she beats up Team Hinabe, Zombie and Kamisori! and students even mentioned to each other that she will take the “Top”. News gets to Rapapa now and they plan to take her down! Sakura better watch herself because Yoga coming to kick her butt! she won’t let anyone lay a finger on Salt!


Now Yoga and Sakura have a epic battle! Who’s going to win is it YOGA? SAKURA? Well, I’ll let you watch it yourself! you’ll see who wins this epic brawl between Sakura and Yoga!


The excitement is building up! Even Gekioko High School is waiting to attack Majisuka behind the sences! There watching Sakura take the top and when the times comes, there going to take down Majisuka altogether! you sneaky Gekioko!

Want to watch the new episode 3! click here to watch the epic battle being!

Big thanks for Aidol team of subbers for showing us the lastest episode of Majisuka! and other AKB related shows!!

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Majisuka Gakuen 4!!!


The new season of Majisuka Gakuen 4 has already started after waiting for almost 3 years!!!! Even Milky is excited about it!!!! I’m glad to say the first episode was exciting and I can’t wait for the other episodes to air!!!


I’m happy to say that Sakura and Paruru are the new Meada and Yuko rivals in Majisuka! I’m glad Sakura is part of this drama along with Paruru! Also, Paruru being in 3 Majisuka drama and having 2 major roles in the last 2 drama, lets us see how much she’s grown as an actor!! I’m glad she part of this Majisuka Gakuen 4 and playing the role of Rapapa leader!  I’m also glad to see old retuning Majisuka students such as Otabe (Yokoyama Yui) and Wota now called Scandal (Sashihara Rino)! they also showed Torigoya (Kojima Haruna) in the first few seconds of the episode!! I hope they show the Centre, Nezumi, Gekikara and Youran in the upcoming episodes, haha because why not there badass Yankees!!

tumblr_mmaz5dt9a31qmqm7ro1_500 latest tumblr_nhl2ligmiR1tfbj8go6_500 03

Want to watch the new Majisuka Gakuen 4! I recommend watching Aidol Channel! They have the newest subs of variety shows and they also already subbed the first 2 episodes of Majisuka!!!! \(^  ^)/

Here a link to Majisuka Gakuen episode 2 that Aidol subbed!!

Heres the link to Majisuka Gakuen episode! from Aidol!

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