What is NBZ48?

Hey, glad you found your way to NBZ48 (Nobuzoke), the newest add on to the AKB48 sister groups. Just kidding we didn’t make it that far. However we are a group, a fan group in fact! We want you to feel as welcomed as possible!!

We’ll be publishing a verity of posts such as silly translations and funny moments the members share, some parodies, fan fictions and even Wota threads! The list is endless and full of weekly updates, sometimes more!

Two admins currently run this site together, however we’d like to use our nicknames instead of our real names.
In order to work together to bring you the best possible fan site we assigned ourselves to groups that focus on different things.

Kosupure – “Captain of Team N”
Sunnaku – “Captain of Team B”
Fee free to join us, and yes we decided to have Majisuka Gakuen styled names.

Thanks for everything

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