The final episode of Majisuka has finally come! the waited battle between Sakura and Salt is finally here! The battle of all battles has arrived! I’m sad to say that Majisuka Gakuen has finally come to an end NOOO! But I’m happy to say that this series of Majisuka made me cry, laugh and overall attached to the characters as the other Majisuka Gakuen past seasons


Sakura, Salt and the rest of the gang have developed new friendships and there character in a span of 10 episodes and I’m happy to see them grow as young Yankees! This season had an amazing cast of new and fresh actress! and i’m glad that everyone was involved in Majisuka made the show extra special! There acting was simply amazing! Can’t wait to see them in future shows!


Even the sence with Gekioko made me emotional! Just look at this since Antonio lose against Sakura! Kobii and Antonio are making up! ❤ Everyone in Majisuka was just AMAZING! ❤


Also, I’m happy to see a past member Nezumi has come back to check out Sakura and how well Majisuka is doing since her graduation. OMG she still wore the hoodie and ate her gum like always! YOU GO NEZUMI! ❤


Majisuka Gakuen 4… This season had so many epic battle but wait! An old enemy has finally showed up Yabakuen! What will Majisuka do now that Yabakuen has showed up? The Fight is NOW! A new battle has arrived and it’s must be leading to something exciting!!! OMG YESSS! Can’t wait to see what in store for that!


Also Sakura and Salt battle has finally come after so long! who will win? Sakura? Salt? OMG this excitement is just killing me!


Well enough of me talking why don’t you see for yourself of the epic battle between Sakura and Salt now here! [AIDOL] Majisuka Gakuen 4 – Episode 10

Gifs and photos credited to the original owner on tumblr! Also Big thanks to the members of Aidol for giving us updated Majisuka Gakuen and other AKB related stuff! you guys rock!

Also why not try a lovely group actually called Lovelyz-Goodnight Like Yesterday to cool you down![MV] Lovelyz(러블리즈) _ Good Night Like Yesterday(어제 …

and If that didn’t cool you down enough why not try SKE48 Newest single Coquettish Juutai Chuu now! SKE48 – 17th Single “Conquettish Juutai Chuu … –

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Happy Birthday Mayuyu

AKB48’s current most popular member Watanabe Mayu celebrates her 21st birthday March 26th!! It’s still the 25th where I am but it’s midnight in Japan sooooo


You’re loved by soooo many people, especially certain HKT48 members lol

Here are some photos to celebrate!!

Love always!
– Sunakku and Kosupure

Normal People vs AKB Fans

Well, I made a quick edit just to show how awesome it is to be an AKB48 fan XD
I don’t own all the photos, I just turned the right side of the photo into a collage for fun! As for the magazine part, I cropped some of the stuff out to make it fit!!

I had to add Jurina’s baby photo because she was such a cute baby, it’s irrelevant but how do you say no to that cute photo?! Exactly, you can’t. . .
I should have added Asuka’s cat too. . . Neko-sama, yurushite nyan  (sorry I had too)

Hope you guys like it!!


Majisuka Gakuen Gekioko vs. Majisuka

I wanted to say this is a combined review of both episodes 8 & 9 of Majisuka Gakuen 4, enjoy!

The battle has finally come! Salt and Sakura fight has came! After Salt saw Otaba defeat she has finally figured out what being the leader of Majisuka really is and now she plans to show her determination to keep Majio strong!


Sakura on the other has has also found the meaning of friendship and instead of taking the top by herself she has finally comes to terms of seeing the top with her new friends, she’s found along the way. Sakura has finally found what Minami has told her during the episodes of Majisuka! YES SAKURA YOU FINALLY NOTICED!


I’m also glad to say I was happy about the character development of both Sakura and Salt, they lost the meaning of what they were fighting for and when they finally saw what it truly was in front of them, they changed! YOU GO SALT AND SAKURA! ❤


But wait! Kobii on the other hand has plotted something for Salt! NO KOBII WHY! Now Salt in big trouble OMG NO! What happened to Salt! will Sakura and Salt battle continue!? What is Kobii planing? Before I continue to write on about episode 9 why not watch Episode 8 right now!


Click her to watch what has happened to Salt here at: [AIDOL] Majisuka Gakuen 4 – Episode 8

After watching Episode 8 we finally saw what Kobii has done! her morals of being second best all the time make her decided to fight Salt by herself and in the process of this she carelessly hurt Salt and now has a guilty feeling inside her… NO KOBII


Also everyone in Majisuka is in a state of darkness… they found out there leader of Majisuka Salt is hurt and all of Majisuka is lost, also Sakura after seeing Salt being taken to the hospital has ran to see if Salt was ok.The Heavenly Queens are also worried about Salt state and they plan to destroy who ever hurt Salt. They all figure out when Salt has awaken that Kobii a student of Gekioko has done this to her.


After Salt conversation with the Heavenly Queens Sakura Sakura talks with Salt. Sakura sees Salt determination to keep Majisuka safe, but Salt is hurt and Sakura has vowed to keep Majisuka safe for Salt sake. And she plans to take Gekioko down once and for all! Also we get to see the famous Majisuka Gakuen student Centre! Yes finally we see her as a nurse and she even tell Salt that she has changed! Happy to see Centre again after so long! ❤ She taking the same job as what Sado has done in Season 2! Aww Centre following your Senpai ❤


Now things are heating up!!! The Heavenly Queens decide to settle what Kobii has done to Salt and also Sakura and the rest of the gang plan to settle things also! Antonio has also taken Kobii action she done into her hands and now plans to settle things one on one with Sakura! What will happened to Sakura! What about Salt? Will Sakura and Salt battle still happen! Will Majisuka beat Gekioko once and for all?


Well enough of me talking why don’t you see for yourself!!!

click here at:

gif credited to the tumblr blogs that originally posted it! And thanks to Aidol for up loading the new Majisuka Gakuen and other AKB shows! you guys ROCK!~

Well after all that Badass Yankee fighting why not relax listening to E-girls Dance all night! here at: E-girls / RYDEEN 〜Dance All Night〜 (Music Video It’s AMAZING! ❤

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Typical Girl’s Night for AKB48 Members

Hey guys!

Well I was searching through some old AKBINGO episodes (and other shows) and occasionally members will give you a little information about how they interact on their spare time. It’s always fun to be reminded that our Idols are regular people and do crazy things with their friends. When I see members update their social media accounts showing they were hanging out with other members I feel happy! It proves that idols have real friendships and not view each other harshly offset

However I think the best out of all the stories they’ve shared were the ones that came with video evidence lol. 

Everyone has some crazy memories with their friends! I’m sure the following video proves AKB girls also have crazy memories too!! 
Anyone remember the funny girl’s night between Oya, KitaRie, Sasshi and the adorable “quiet” member Kamori Mika! The epic rap battle they had consisted of 10 full minutes of laughter and talent. –Link Below-

So, while students are enjoying their Spring vacation I hope this video reminds you to have fun with your friends!

Thank you to the user who uploaded this video!!

– Sunakku

Majisuka Gakuen 4! OTABA HAS COME!

The newest episode of Majisuka Gakuen has came out with a new Episode, the waiting battle between Sakura and Otaba has finally come! The Ex Leader of Majisuka has finally became serious then before and will do anything to protect the pride of Majisuka with all her might!


Otaba! we seen her grow from being a very mysterious person to a person that now has became more open, and a bit more talkative! She was the Leader of Majisuka Gakuen in season 2 and she was one me and Sunakku Favourite characters!!!  Yui acting has grown so much! You Go Otaba!!! ❤


In this episode we finally see the battle between Sakura an Otaba in action, Otaba herself evens tells Sakura that there’s no tricks just a one to one battle of brutal yankee power! The battle between these two was super intense! and me and Sunakku have to say this battle was the battle that Otaba showed Sakura what taking Majisuka was really about!!!


Otaba she grown so much over the years since being in Majisuka and we also get to see some character development with Sakura also! hehehe you have to find that out yourself when you watch it! ❤


Highschool has also finally declared war against Majisuka! what will happen now! this season of Majisuka has just got more and more intense! and I love it!


Well isn’t it enough of me talking right! haha Why don’t you watch the Battle between the Ex Leader of Rappapa, Otaba and Sakura in action!!! here at Aidol! Even Salt is wants to know what going to happened, just look at her!!!!


Also thanks again for Aidol for subbing these Majisuka Gakuen epiosdes there team put alot of effort and love to let AKB fans everywhere experience and understand Majisuka! ❤

click here to watch Majisuka Gakuen episode 7: [AIDOL] Majisuka Gakuen 4 – Episode 7

The gifs and photos are also credited to the users of Tumblr that I took! thank you guys also!

Also once in a while I’ll put a link at the end of my post to a song that you guys can check out AKB and Non AKB related Jpop music videos! Why not try listening to FLOWER one of my fave groups! Sayonara Alice here at

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Shinoda Mariko, 29 going on 19

March 11, 1986 one of AKB48’s most serious, beautiful and model like Idols was born. Shinoda Mariko, graduated Captain of Team A, will be turning 29 years old. 29 is definitely not old by any means but it is the last of her 20s. Mariko doesn’t show any signs of slowing down like other idols did when they approached 30. Her modeling career is definitely a demanding job and she is giving it 100% of her talent.  I want to dedicate this post to the amazing person she’s become!! Thanks for reading!

Shinoda Mariko’s face and figure keep getting better with age. Her personality is still very serious but she is so warm and adorable when she appears on variety television programs. For fun I showed the photo below to 6 of my friends who have no prior knowledge to AKB48. 
My friends all agreed that she couldn’t be older than 23. When I revealed that Mariko was turning 29 they were completely shocked.

Again, 29 is not old but usually by 29 people are starting to slow down and focus on other things, not Mariko! She’s certain on her path and is enjoying life no matter what. Her modeling has been insanely good and she’s setting new goals and standards for other models to live up too. 

Good job Mariko, I’m soooooo proud of the hard working person you’ve always been! AKB48 fans will support you no matter what! 

Mariko has also been devoting a lot of her attention towards her amazing fluffy babies! Of course, if it isn’t obvious Kosupure and I both really love animals! Especially when it comes to the pets of our Idols! So honorable mention goes out to Mariko’s dogs!! Yay! We love you doggies! I hope the dogs take good care of their mom on her birthday coming up!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIKO! (A few days early but she deserves it!)

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