The Legendary Flying Shoe! (Skit)

The Legendary Flying Shoe!


SKE48 performance has ended and everyone is backstage doing there thing…
Jurina approaches Rena from behind and hugs her

Rena: Eeee Jurina! *turns around to see her right shoe in Jurina hand* *blushes* OMG my shoe!
Σ( ° △ °|||)

Jurina: Hehe you could have hurt someone during the performance Rena chan :3

Rena: Omg gomen I didn’t mean to that…

Jurina: Hmmmm!~ well if it hit me, and I became unconscious… will Rena chan perform CPR on me? *smirks*

Rena: Eeee O///O Jurina..

Tani: Rena chan! *Approaches the two and sees Rena embarrassed* Eee? Rena san what’s wrong?

Jurina: *Approaches Rena and stands behind her* were just talking about our performance today! :3

Tani: Aa about that! Rena chan everyone talking about your flying shoe today, it all over the news now

Suddenly just as Tani said that, Oya starts running towards the groups

Oya: Rena, Jurina, Tani look at this! *shows her phone*

The three of them looks at Oya phone to see a the front news cover with big bold letters “THE FLYING SHOE” written on it

Jurina: …Wow Rena chan going to be even more famous now *^O^*

Rena: Why is this getting more attention than our performance *face palm*

Jurina: Well you were cute when you tried to hide the fact you kicked your shoe into the air :3

Tani: I didn’t even notice it till the performance ended O_o

Oya: We finally know Rena true talent.. long distance kicking..

Rena: Omg you guys… >.>

Jurina: The legendary flying shoe incident! Forever captures in the internet for all of entirely! XD

Rena: ←_←

Jurina: Hehehe! well if Rena shoe hits me You’ll kiss me to life right? *winks*

Rena: Eee Jurina *blushes* not again..

Jurina: Right? *hugs Rena*  Right Rena chan? You didn’t reply last time? Right? *puppy eyes, about to cry*

Rena: *blushes* Well… I guess…

Jurina: Yatta! *kisses Rena check*

Rena: *blushes pulls away, covers her face with her hand*

Jurina: Hehehe :3 next time it should be Rena chan kissing Jurina back to life on the front cover of the news ❤

Rena: -_- Jurina…

Oya & Tani: Aaaaaa! OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU! Please tell us when the your wedding is! *starts clapping*


Haha How was it? Tried my best to make it interesting!  Anyways I’ll try to make little skits here and there like random skits of different members for now on!


Here’s a picture of Jurina and Rena! :3

Credit to the blogger on tumblr for this photo

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Sakura Starts a Frenzy

Hey guys!!

Let me start this off by saying I’m soooooooo sorry!
I am really upset that I haven’t posted Majisuka tweets in a while! I realize I’ve put too much attention into the Member of the Week as well as the funny tidbits about Asuka’s cat and the handshake event story. I kinda forgot all about the photo-shopped tweets!

Kosupure has been doing a great job updating you all on Majisuka Gakuen! Please continue to support her updates^^
Forgive me!! Kosupure and I will also start signing our posts to keep organized lol 

Sakura… You caught Maeda’s attention :S

Majisuka Gakuen 4! Gekioko Strikes Back!

Sakura has successfully defected the trickers Magic! Salt has now taken a personal liking to Sakura and waiting for her arrival to finally come. Now the last Heavenly Queen, Otaba has become serious! The former Rappapa leader of Majisuka, what will she plan for the battle between her and Sakura! Can’t wait to see Otaba in action again


As for Gekioko High School, Kobii doesn’t want to stand around and wait, so she calls upon a duo Shirogiku and Kurobara to “Stir up” Majisuka and Gekioko battle, you sneaky Kobii!


Also in this episode i’m proud to say the finally awaiting Underling DARUMA has finally arrived! She has given Kamisori and Zombie advice when they finally noticed that Sakura doesn’t consider them worthy underlings! Daruma encourages them be Sakura underlings no matter what and they consider her advice! But wait….. Daruma holding around a stroller? Is she taking care of Black child? Is it her own?? We will never know, but i’m happy to say her wings of victory are always the best don’t you think?


Just as this is happening Zombie and Kamisori are captured by Shirogiku and Kuobara! news gets to Sakura and she finally rushes to save these two! OMG will Sakura be able to defeat them? What will happened to Zombie and Kamisori? Will Sakura have the will to save them both?


Well what are you waiting for! Go watch and see for yourself! This episode shows Sakura true feelings for her underlings and the growing bond between Team Hinabe, Zombie and Kamisori and Sakura! And I personal love this episode so far! And I can’t wait for the other arrivals of other former Majisuka students! Also come on Majisuka! why don’t you show Gekikara, Centre, Youran and Nezumi already LOL!

Thanks for Aidol for subbing and giving us sub videos of our favourite AKB variety and dramas! Why not check there channel here:

And the gifs and images are credited from the bloggers from Tumblr!

Want to watch the newest episode of Majisuka Gakuen 4 Episode 6! well why not click here now:

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Handshake Event Story -> the Luckiest wota!

For those of you who don’t understand Japanese I decided to break down a recent incident that happened during a handshake event.

Mocchi tweeted the followiing,

Handshake event ended! Today, Muto Tomu and Nagao Mariya came to play towards the end.  Lol this had been taken without permission.

(I’m not fluent in Japanese, this is just a rough translation)

So imagine being a wota waiting for a seemingly endless amount of time just to shake hands with an idol for 3-5 seconds. The guy/girl who had their hands locked with Mocchi’s at this time got to see 3 other Idols acting as they would in privacy. (3 counting whoever took the photo, a staff wouldn’t have allowed a photo during work so it must have been a member). 

As you can see, there are still handshakes going on! It’s a pretty big deal to see something funny like this, especially after waiting in line for a long time.

This is what most of us fans live for. We want to see our Idols doing their everyday business! We want to know what they are really like behind the scenes. This wota waited forever to meet Mocchi and got to see first hand what some of the girls do when they finish their job. He/She must have felt so excited to have witnessed such a candid moment between the AKB48 girls! Thank you for sharing this with us Mocchi!! I envy the fan that got to witness such a hilarious event!  

Now, I know what you’re thinking “there is a lot of Mocchi on this site”

1. There is never too much Mocchi
2. this thread was about the wotas, but Mocchi was the one who tweeted it! 
3. Yes I adore her but Mocchi isn’t my Oshimen, Sae-chan is! I just really love her cat so I post about it A LOT ahaha

DISCLAIMER, I’m not the wota who experienced this. The only reason I know it happened was because Mocchi tweeted it. Yes I mentioned this twice because I want to make it clear so no one thinks I’m saying it was me hahaha!

Unleash the Aliens – Nagao

Alright my fellow wotas, the time has come, week 4 of Member of the Week. Another funny one to lighten up the mood with all the graduations! This week we’re peering into an Idol of the new age, or should I say “new world”. Nagao Mariya of Team K has a reputation for communicating with aliens. The young beauty has been in search of aliens for a long time now but many believe she’s already found them. I hope you know Member of the Week is supposed to be full of humour. Whether or not aliens exists is unknown to all but one Nagao Mariya.

Communicating with Aliens. or focusing hard on her job? Definitely the Aliens…

Although it says she is from Kanagawa Japan her alien obsession makes us wonder if she is from area 51. If we don’t start supporting this talented young girl she’ll do the unthinkable, she’ll unleash the aliens! So please support her from now on! On a more realistic note, I only wanted to talk about aliens to catch your attention, glad it worked! Nagao Mariya is one of the lesser known girls of AKB48 which sucks because she is so interesting and very beautiful. I’ve never met her at a handshake event or in person but I’ve read that she has such a humble personality and underneath her shyness is a happy, eccentric girl. MariYagi tries her best to stay in tip top shape as an Idol. Every night before she sleeps she works out despite the long days at work. She’ll be turning 21 this March and still hasn’t really had a chance to shine in AKB48 despite being a really active member. She played a minor character in season 1 and 2 of Majisuka Gakuen and a supporting character in Majisuka Gakuen 3 and so on. For such a beautiful girl one would think she’d have a ton of wota’s cheering her on! If you love Nagao Mariya I bet she loves you back!!! Yay!! Keep Supporting Our Idols!! Thanks for reading despite my choice of title haha.

Majisuka Gakuen 4! Episode 5



A new battle starts NOW!

Magic in this episode shows how Yuria grew as an actress! Just look at her now SHE BADASS! And this episode made me realize how AWESOME Yuria is as one of the Heavenly Queen! ❤

Well Magic is a bit stubborn and has a “I hate to lose character” She the 3rd Heavenly Queen to challenge Sakura and she is determine to take her down with her own hands. She even has a few tricks up her sleeves to insure her victory.

When all of this is going her underlings are still following Sakura, but like Meada she ignores them like there not even there, and continues to climb the top by herself. I just wish Sakura took noticed on her underlings! Come on Sakura I know you care about them!

Even when all of this is happening Salt is waiting patiently for Sakura arrival, meanwhile Otaba isn’t going to let Sakura take the Heavenly Queens down as she the last Queen after Magic.


The climax for the Majisuka is coming as Gekioko High School is finally taking action and bring in 2 new characters to bring Sakura down!!


Well if enough of me talking about it this Epic Episode! Why don’t you see for yourself of the Epic Battle between Magic vs. Sakura!


Click here:

Big Thanks for Aidol team for bring updated Majisuka and Akb related videos to us! and also the Gifs and Photo from Tumblr!

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MaDoKa48- Moriyasu’s Rise to Fame

Alright round three of member of the week, Moriyasu Madoka is a rising star these days. She’s most known for her role in HKT48 as the “cool beauty”. Her personality is huge, broad and full of healthy confidence. This is an Idol who is not easily deceived and knows exactly where she stands.

I nickname her wota’s the MDK48 members (MaDoKa) because they’re probably the coolest fans you’ll ever meet.

Anyway, I just want to highlight my two all time favourite moments of the lovely Moriyasu Madoka

1. Leaving wota’s minds in an uproar, just what are our Idols doing Miss. Moriyasu?
“(aimed at) More than half of us in HKT, before we sleep we %&#$%@^&
A comment that caused an immediate panic between the members and the staff along with laughter. Sure, you might think “it obviously isn’t sexual or bad”. However it was obviously inappropriate enough to blur out which makes Madoka even more of a variety Idol. She knows how to keep suspense and comedy while being her innocent, funny self. Again, remember just moments before they were speaking about Suzuran’s boobs and went into description and even that wasn’t blurred out. Whatever Madoka said was obviously a very personal but hilarious comment that was even more inappropriate than Suzuran’s boobs.

Hahaha I thought this entire episode was absolutely hilarious, here is a link!!

2. I don’t know you…
She can’t be tricked too easily, she was the only member that had suspicions of the fake SKE48 member during the Dokkiri Episode. She made it very clear that she was not going to let her guard down when it came to this girl. The other members were welcoming her into the group excited to all be the same age and so on. What was the cool Madoka doing? Staring her down as if they were in an episode of Majisuka Gakuen.. She eventually stopped questioning the girl and the conversation ended there. It was hilarious to see the actress standing there enduring Madoka’s obvious uncertainty! She held it together really good! Madoka, you’re the best! Thanks for protecting the group when sensing something fishy!

Noticing the fake member and examining the situation before approaching
Realizing she has no idea who is in front of her and tries to figure out how to approach the problem
Doubtful and irritated but knows something isn’t right
Before they even revealed which one was the fake girl Madoka glanced over at her with a victorious expression. This means she cares about AKB, SKE, NMB, HKT enough to memorize the members. After all she spotted a face she didn’t know

Here is the link to the episode if you haven’t seen it! 


Majisuka Gakuen 4 Episode 4!!!



This episode everyone in Majisuka has heard Sakura victory against Yoga, now Salts calls upon Bakamono to take her Sakura down, once and for all! You better watch yourself Sakura, even though Bakamono is the “Baka “character her strength is no laughing matter! She can take anyone down with one hit!! Even Bakamono is eagerly waiting to take Sakura down! Just look at her!


Better watch our Sakura!!

Zombie and Kamisori have officially become Sakura underlings and they follow Sakura everywhere they go like Daruma does to Meada!!! Now Majisuka is in an uproar about Sakura! Team Hinabe, Zombie and Kamisori are rooting for Sakura! GO SAKURA GO!! YOU CAN DO IT!!


When all of this is happening in Majisuka, Gekioko Koko Highschool is planning to take down Majisuka down and even spying on Sakura!! you sneaky sneaky Gekioko!!! We also get to know the reason Antonio wants to take down Majisuka!!


Well enough of me talking why don’t you watch the epic Battle between Bakamono vs. Sakura!!! tumblr_nj9vp6GnkA1ryohiso1_400

Thanks for Aidol for the subs for these Majisuka Gakuen 4 episodes!! and if you want to watch other AKB relate stuff why not check out there website!

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