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Funny skits #2

It’s been a while since I wrote a skit! so here it is! Enjoy! 😀

It’s Hot…..

AKB Change room Paru staring at a wall instensively as Takamina comes closer to check on Paru

Paru: ……..

Takamina: Paru are you ok?

Paru: ……

Takamina: Paru?

Yui approaches Takamina

Yui: What’s Paru doing?

Takamina: I don’t know, she just staring at a wall….

Yui: Paru must be in deep thought then if she staring at a wall

Takamina: You thinks so?

Yui: Or maybe she’s crazy, and her mind messed up and she needs help, you never know *shrug shoulders*

Takamina: OMG PARU PARU ARE YOU OK! PARU *shakes Paru intensively starts to tear up* DON’T DIE ON US YET PARU PARRRRRUUUUUUU!

Paru: it’s…

Yui+Takamina: it’s? *gets close to Paru face*

Paru: It’s hot

Yui and Takamina almost fall over by Paru response

Takamina: Paru… salty as ever… *wipes away her tears*

Yui: Well that’s Paru for you! *shurgs shoulders*

Paru: it’s really hot…



HKT practice room

Sakura: Woah Madoka your costume is um… very interesting don’t you think… *blushes*

Madoka: You think so?

Nastu: *Runs towards Madoka and Sakura* Yoo Madoka, Sakura!

Sakura and Madoka waves at Natsu

Natsu: Woah Madoka that costume is very sexy! *Shocked eyes*

Sakura: ….

Madoka: Sakura? *looks over at Sakura waving a hand to her face* Are you ok?

Natsu notices Sakura looking at Madoka intensively

Natsu: I think Sakura doesn’t like your outfit… or maybe she thinks you look fat in it *Smirks*

Sakura: OMG no its not that … *Blushes*

Madoka looks confused

Natsu: Oh, She’s trying to say she wants to try it on! oh Sakura don’t be shy! *Hugs Sakura*

Madoka:Oh, well why don’t you wear it Sakura your more popular than me so you might get more attention *starts to remove clothing*

Sakura: It’s not that.. *stops Madoka from striping*

Madoka: You’ll look great on it don- *gets cut off by Sakura*


Sakura covers her mouth with both of her hands as she quickly runs off

Natsu: How did this topic go which member had the biggest boobs….

Madoka: ……. I don’t know….

Both Natsu and Madoka looks into the distance thinking about Sakura chest size and feels a bit guilty


By: Kosupure ❤

The Legendary Flying Shoe! (Skit)

The Legendary Flying Shoe!


SKE48 performance has ended and everyone is backstage doing there thing…
Jurina approaches Rena from behind and hugs her

Rena: Eeee Jurina! *turns around to see her right shoe in Jurina hand* *blushes* OMG my shoe!
Σ( ° △ °|||)

Jurina: Hehe you could have hurt someone during the performance Rena chan :3

Rena: Omg gomen I didn’t mean to that…

Jurina: Hmmmm!~ well if it hit me, and I became unconscious… will Rena chan perform CPR on me? *smirks*

Rena: Eeee O///O Jurina..

Tani: Rena chan! *Approaches the two and sees Rena embarrassed* Eee? Rena san what’s wrong?

Jurina: *Approaches Rena and stands behind her* were just talking about our performance today! :3

Tani: Aa about that! Rena chan everyone talking about your flying shoe today, it all over the news now

Suddenly just as Tani said that, Oya starts running towards the groups

Oya: Rena, Jurina, Tani look at this! *shows her phone*

The three of them looks at Oya phone to see a the front news cover with big bold letters “THE FLYING SHOE” written on it

Jurina: …Wow Rena chan going to be even more famous now *^O^*

Rena: Why is this getting more attention than our performance *face palm*

Jurina: Well you were cute when you tried to hide the fact you kicked your shoe into the air :3

Tani: I didn’t even notice it till the performance ended O_o

Oya: We finally know Rena true talent.. long distance kicking..

Rena: Omg you guys… >.>

Jurina: The legendary flying shoe incident! Forever captures in the internet for all of entirely! XD

Rena: ←_←

Jurina: Hehehe! well if Rena shoe hits me You’ll kiss me to life right? *winks*

Rena: Eee Jurina *blushes* not again..

Jurina: Right? *hugs Rena*  Right Rena chan? You didn’t reply last time? Right? *puppy eyes, about to cry*

Rena: *blushes* Well… I guess…

Jurina: Yatta! *kisses Rena check*

Rena: *blushes pulls away, covers her face with her hand*

Jurina: Hehehe :3 next time it should be Rena chan kissing Jurina back to life on the front cover of the news ❤

Rena: -_- Jurina…

Oya & Tani: Aaaaaa! OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU! Please tell us when the your wedding is! *starts clapping*


Haha How was it? Tried my best to make it interesting!  Anyways I’ll try to make little skits here and there like random skits of different members for now on!


Here’s a picture of Jurina and Rena! :3

Credit to the blogger on tumblr for this photo

Have a GREAT day readers!!

By: Kosupure ❤