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Milky’s Graduation from NMB48

It is never easy to say goodbye to such an icon of our time! So many memories, laughs, tears, songs and tv shows! She really out did herself all of these years! tumblr_inline_mtp8id9a2q1qjw8og


Thank you for having the members of NMB48’s back when their own leader claimed they weren’t worthy. NMB48 is all beautiful and talented and you threw away a friendship to prove that. Watanabe Miyuki is so much more of a leader than anyone I’ve seen in a while.

Ever since Sayanee made some bad comments about NMB48 members on twitter last year,Watanabe Miyuki took to social media defending her hard working team.

She started by deleting all of her sayamilky photos from instagram and even called her out on twitter.

Since then NMB48’s agency had been torn and divided into how to resolve issues involving fans walking out and member’s reactions. They came to a compromise and everyone was to simply work together as one big happy family. Milky continuously pushed her juniors to their limits to shine while Sayanee believes idols should work independently. Thus, this compromise continuously proved itself a flaw.

Within 10 months of flawed resolutions Miyuki decided to back out of the senbatsu. About 2 months later, here we are!  Announcing a graduation.

Now, I am not a staff member.. I can’t confirm that the agency disputes have anything to do with Miyuki leaving at such an inconvenient time. I can confirm that she wants to leave as soon as possible claiming “graduation isn’t far away”


Good Luck Milky, I’m sorry to see you go so soon!


Miyazawa Sae, graduation preparations


2008 was the year I discovered Jpop for very first time.. By the time I got into AKB48 I had already known the name ”Miyazawa Sae” . She appeared on variety tv nearly every week sporting her cunning personality and beautiful smile. Her boyish style was one of many reasons she became an oshimen at first sight.

Throughout the years Sae acted as a supportive senpai and obediant kohai. She is the only member every girl in AKB48 can say got a long with everybody she met.

Sae was a victim of bullying during middle school, her story of becoming on top of her emotions inspired me. She eventually rebuilt her confidence and turned her sorrows into absolute love and kindness for others. She’s known to be the member that steps in between fights and rebuild friendships.


She never claimed to be perfect, that made her perfect.

She never claimed to be the best, that made her the best.

She never claimed to be the most supportive senpai, but her kohai say otherwise.

With Sae becoming an OG, all of the 48 family has large shoes to fill. I dont  care what anyone says, she will always be the greatest member. I’m looking forward to seeing her grow in the future.

As of right now, lets cheer on the current line up! Lets show Sae all of her hard work wont go to waste.

Both of my oshimen in Jpop will be graduated from their respective groups. All I really have left is Maachan from Momusu!!

So, whats next??  Haha




Akb48 43rd single update+AKB48 news+Other updates

Hello fellow AKB48 fans everywhere! Their’s been a new single coming up thison 2016 called Kimi wa Melody! Also once again our beloved Sakura will be centre!! WOOOO GO SAKURA!

Go Sakura!~

List of members that are joining this new single is graduated members such as Itano, Meada, Mariko, Yuko and Takahashi. Also members such as Jurina, Sae, Sayaka, Sasshi, Yuki, Mayu, Yuria and Kato Rena! You can also listen to a short preview here:

Also I would give a LOUD SHOUT FOR SAE GETTING 1st place in AKB48 group request Hour setlist best 100 of 2016!! ❤ I very proud of Sae getting her win for this neew year and I hope that she does great in the following years! SAE FIGHTING!~


Also former akb members have also commented on twitter and other social media about Sae win! She even thanked her fans all over the world about her win and she also stated to keep supporting her even after graduation! which we will! ❤

Also sadly all the original Team K members are all gone… last to join former  Team K members is Umeda Ayaka who announced her graduation on January 23, 2016. It very sad to final see all the original K members gone, but we shall continue to support these girls in the future! FIGHTING!

Umeda Ayaka ❤

Also for some other news… GFriend has finally released their new song called Rough taking a new vibe and dance to a new level far from there current release Glass Bead and Me Gustas Ta! This songs shows how you can’t take waiting for your love one and wished time to go faster, this song is full of beautiful singing and powerful dance moves! WOO GO GFRIEND!





also makane Umji got a new look with getting her bangs done! ❤ which looks amazing btw!

Umji ❤

Also Crush a solo artist has released his single cover called “Don’t Forget” along with Taeyeon from SNSD. This cover shows the sad side of loving, with sad voice and beautiful setting from Japan!




Why not try some songs that I updated on such as Gfriend “Rough” here:[MV] 여자친구(GFRIEND) _ 시간을 달려서(Rough) – YouTube

And Crush song called “Don’t Forget” Here:[MV] Crush(크러쉬) _ Don’t Forget(잊어버리지마 … – YouTube

Well I hope you guys like my update! Anyways thanks to anyone who still follows this blog thank you SOO MUCH! and well have an awesome day everyone!!!

Photos and gifs credited to the owners you original own this on tumblr!

By:Kosupure ❤


An end to another legacy Matsui Rena

Sorry for ranting about Rena once again, but its her special day of graduation and I wanted to share it with all of you guys!

She’s been a huge part of SKE48 and AKB48 in these pass years I wanted to celebrate!

Anyways today on August 30 was Rena concert 2588 days. She had a two day concert on the 29 and 30 which was very memorable to the members and fans alike. It a bitter sweet moment, but it was filled with many moments that a graduation concert is suppose to be~ (」・ω・)」うー!


Like any concerts their some moments of sadness, happiness and joy. I’m glad there was another amazing concert, as a fellow AKB48 fan and SKE48 fan and a fan of all the sister groups, I’m glad everyone enjoyed this special day with this dorky girl and its her last day as a SKE member!


To be honest I cried during two days of the concert even today haha, and the worst past is I couldn’t find the online steam because I was very busy! (。ノдヽ。)゚ I feel bad for not watching it live and I can never go back, but i’ll wait till some site puts it up, however from the pictures I could see the fans were very hyped about it and I would be to!


Even a few graduated SKE members and AKB members came to watch it! Furukawa Airi, Sato Mieko, Kizaki Yuria and Sasaki Yukari came to see Rena graduation! even Yuria performed in Rena grad which makes me happy that their able to come and support Rena like this (o (. · д ·.) o)

Airin and Mieko!
Sasaki and Rena kawaii ❤

overall this concert was what Rena would want it to be. Jurina and Masana have also written Rena letters to Rena which made me cry and even Jurina didn’t want to say congratulation on her graduation. Jurina even asked Rena to watch SKE for now on as their last promise. Jurina and Masana are now the last two original members of SKE first generation and now they need to pull SKE up as Rena isn’t able to be their anymore.

Rena thank you for all you have done for SKE and AKB! I’m glad you’ve grown from a very shy to a leader of SKE I hope you acting career is amazing! Thank you for being part of my life as my oshimen its bitter sweet and I’ll cry alot from day onwards but once again 有難う 御座います! ❤


A quote that Rena during her SKE auditions in 2008

“From now on, as a SKE48 member, I will pour in all my efforts everyday and do my best” 


I don’t really have any new music to show you all but please watch Rena solo song 2588 days and her last single her is in! They are both beautiful PV! You can watch it here: SKE48 – Maenomeri – JPopsuki TV and Matsui Rena – 2588 Days [SKE48 18th Single] – VOZ48

Also photos and gifs always credited to the original owners from tumblr

Thank you for reading this! have a wonderful day!

By: Kosupure ❤

Graduation Annoucements, Kuramochi Asuka Breaking Our Hearts

Wow, how can I say this, no words can describe how sad it is to see a long time member graduate.
Kuramochi Asuka announced her graduation earlier today, July 19, 2015. She has put a lot into AKB48 over these past 8 years and now it is time she puts herself first.

Right now, I’m absolutely devastated but I support her so very much.
For now I’ll continue to cheer on my oshimen Miyazawa Sae to cheer up.

Suddenly, Kobayashi Marina also announced her graduation, that sucks too given the fact she is the best (imo) out of generation. Anyway, AKB48 always come through in the end!

Mocchi, I love you soooo much, you have been a role model to me for about 5 years now, i’ll always be thankful for the amazing memories us fans have!

… Who is going to bite AKB48’s ears now?

– Sunakku