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Majisuka Gakuen 5! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

THE QUEENS OF THE DRAMA SERIES MG5 HAS FINALLY APPEARED! The long awaited Majisuka Gakuen 5 has finally come! But their are new a bigger enemies ahead!


The Famous Majisuka Gakuen will make it’s appearance once again! along with Yabakune, Gekioko!

Majisuka Gakuen All-Girls High School
Yabakune All-Girls High School
Gekioko High School Nursing Department

After the event of season 4 the Majio girls have know become Third years! and also Magic, Yoga and Salt have be held back a year with Bakamono graduating ahead of them! but Sakura has now become the Vice President! Yah go Sakura! Things in Majisuka Gakuen have been calm until a un expecting interference cause trouble..

Kakoii looking Sakura ❤

This season will be bigger and more un expecting than ever before! Their is now a new threat that has come a very serious and dangerous Yankee gang called the Yakuza and they have cause some trouble for these yankee girls but now its even more serious!!! After what they have done to Antonio! ANTONIO NO BE STRONG!

But good thing Salt has come to save her! GO SALT GO!!! BEAT THEM YAKUZA!


The Yakuza has now want to take down Salt as she has beaten them when saving Antonio, and though Salt saving Gekioko head leader they have now vowed to protect Majisuka as their debt. However this season isn’t just fighting with punching and kicking anymore! Its now do or die! It’s now a fight for the strongest not with their fist, but with their bullets…

Salt Rappapa leader

I was literally shocked with what has happened in this season, and OH MY GOSH their was moments when I never seen it coming! I won’t do any spoilers here, but this first episode was so far making me want to watch the second episode already!!! You will be shocked with will happen and for sure your mouth will be wide open when this episode ends.


Also many old former members from the past Majisuka series will also make an appearance such as Meada, Yuko, Nezumi, Black, Torigoya and Centre!! But this season seems to be much more serious! As there’s going to be many surprises that will happen throughout this series.

Also the each episode will be 34 minutes! longer than any pervious Majisuka Gakuen episode which I’m very happy about!!


Overall what will Majisuka Gakuen do after their encounter? Will they be able to beat the Yakuza without any blood shed? What will be ahead for these girls at Majisuka? Well if you want to know you can watch it right now!!!

Watch it here at Show48!: [EngSub] Majisuka Gakuen 5 Ep.1 | show48

Gifs and Photo credited to the ordinal owners and also a HUGE thanks once again to Show48 for these aired subs of our beloved girls in AKB thank you once again!


Why not try listening to Majisuka Gakune 5 opening Yankee Machine Gun here:AKB48-Yankee Machine Gun (RAW) – Video Dailymotion

Since watching this very intense series why not listen to AKB48 coupling song Mizu Naka No Dendouritsu here: AKB48 – Mizu no Naka no Dendouritsu – JPopsuki TV

By Kosupure ❤


Hatsumori Bemars Ep 5 and 6

Hello once again and Hatsumori Bemars team has now advance into tougher and bigger team players! But their are still challenges ahead of them and each member has their own challenges they must face.

Academy is a very skilled actor on stage, but on the field she struggles, she’s very timid person and a scaredy cat. And when she is scared her face becomes very red. Academy is seems tough onstage, but that only because she can act in front of people as another person, but when it’s her playing herself she gets scared…

but somethings happens when Marukyu says something behind Academy back. Academy is an asset to the team, but her nervousness get in the way.


Since Marukyu comment Academy has now quit the team! What will happen! Will Hatsumori Bemars be the same without her. Will Academy face her fears and take Marukyu comment! If your fired up on what going to happen you should watch it here:[EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.5 | show48

Spolier alert! if you haven’t watched up to Episode 5 I suggest you should watch it right away! before reading about Episode 6

After Academy un expecting skills at hitting a ball one handed and conquering her nervousness by thinking the field as a stage. However love soon blossom’s as Kote has fallen for a senpai!

Kote! kawaii!! ❤

The members start helping Kote with her love life and even teaching her what a true confession is as Imadoki and Academy teach Kote what a confession should look like and to be honest I fangirled at this moment! omg Imadoki!!!!!


After meeting her senpai she’s suddenly notices that he doesn’t love her, but her fellow best friend and pitcher Nanamaru. She feel as if her best friend has taken everything from her and causes drama on the field as they are in a critical situation of losing friendship. What will happen to Kote and Nanamaru relationship? Will they pull of to win their game!!! Well you can watch for yourself here:[EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.6 | show48

Photo credit to the original owners of this pictures and gifs! also a HUGE thank you to Show48 for the updates on videos for the Hatsumori Bemars vids and all the other AKB related shows!!


Also Episode for Majisuka Gakuen 5 have aired! but i’m currently waiting for the subs right now so please hold on tight!!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!!! Here’s a few gifs from the opening! I’m currently trying not to spoil myself but I’ve seen these around tumblr and they look so cool and stuff!!!


Also AKB48 athletic tournament has come once again!!! I’m actually looking for a site to watch it on! I wonder which team will win this year! Can’t wait to watch it also

Why not try some j soul brothers unfair world here: 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE / Unfair World …

or why not try something new? Maybe some like these wonderful and talented girls here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la9wGdXw5N0 (Sorry couldn’t get the link cuz of the japanese characters)

Have a wonderful day!

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New Series Release!!

Hello my fellow AKB48 fans today I’m excited to one again say that Majisuka Gakune 5 will be released soon!!! YESSSS, OMG me and Sunakku have waited for his to come after finishing Majisuka 4.


There would be once again be rivalries between an old and new enemies!


I’ll start in August 24th! and I’ll be doing Majisuka updates again! Yeah! And the trailer has been up for a while but you haven’t seen it you should see it even if it a few seconds

Click here to see the AWESOMENESS! :That Majisuka Gakuen 5 Trailer tho


Also AKB48 rivalry group Nogizaka46 has also released their own Drama called Hatsumori Bemars!


This show is filled with funny and memorable moments even though I watched 2 episodes of it, it’s still a good series I recommend for others to watch! Its about a group of friends Nanamaru (Nanase Nishino), Chopin (Erika Ikuta) and Kote (Kazumi Takayama) trying to protect their childhood park called the Park of Beginnings from being turned to a building. However  Kirei (Mai Shiraishi) the ace of the soft ball team has challenged Nanamaru to a soft ball competition and if they beat the Champion which is Kirei school they can keep the park, and if not it will be hers. They 3 of them never once played soft ball and decide to accept the challenge and form the soft ball team Hatsumori Bemars and claim their park back!


Their also a character that who’s a Yankee like in Majisuka and she even makes a reference to the akb Majisuka Gakuen as she states she’s has beaten some Maji students! I’m guessing shes pretty strong And her name is Imadoki (Yumi Wakatsuki )


I’m Glad that they finally made a series for this wonderful girl! Can’t wait to see other episodes for Hatsumori Bemars. I will also do reviews on this series and do 2 episode reviews in one!

You can watch episodes 1 here: [EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.1 | show48

And Episode 2 here also: [EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.2 | show48

Credits to the owners of these Gifs and also to Show48 for the subs for these videos!


Why not watch and hear AKB new single called Halloween Night here: [MV] Halloween Night Short ver. / AKB48 [official]

Also why don’t you try Kpop group Infinite here: 인피니트(INFINITE) “Bad” Official MV – YouTube

Have an awesome day!!

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Happy Birthday + Majisuka news!

Happy 24th Birthday to this ball of


18 to 24 damn so many years has past since your debut in ske48. Your the person who me and others look up to.


Your graduation is coming soon, but it isnt the end of Matsui Rena! Im happy your my Oshimen and You’ll always be my number one! ❤


Can’t wait for ske48 single to be released as the sort of teaser mv made me tear up! And Rena solo song is also something I’m excited to hear! But happy birthday you cutie otaku, don’t ever change!



I’ll air sometime this year or coming 2016, but its such as awesome time for Majisuka to start!

The lead characters and other characters have been announced such as Paruru, Sakura , Jurina and other past Majisuka characters such as Black!

I get to make more Majisuka blog post yesss! ❤

By: Kosupure ❤