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AKB48’s Shocking Rankings for the Preliminary Results

The Senbatsu Election for the 41st single’s Preliminary results have been revealed.
Some of these rankings are concerning and others a blessing.

Minegishi Minami dropped from 22 to 60 which is a bit of a concern considering she has less competition with major names Kojima Haruna and Matsui Rena leaving room to raise her rank. She still has time to recover from this.

Kodama Haruka went from 21 to 8 showing major progress, let this be a career opportunity for the fresher faces. With AKB48’s OG members graduating off as time goes on we need to see the legacy taking place NOW.

Yokoyama Yui is a surprise, she went from 13 to 20, well I was hoping she’d rank top 10 to prove she can become a popular general manager. It means she’d be able to maintain AKB, however Takahashi Minami has ranked low before so it doesn’t really matter.

Takahashi Minami is actually ranking higher than I thought! Good for you TAKAMINA we love you!! Good luck

Miyazawa Sae has slightly maintained herself which is another surprisem, I feared my oshimen would drop.

Ichikawa Miori did not rank.. wow… fresh lemon?? This must be a mistake.. I demand a recount XD

Moriyasu Madoka surprised me in some ways more than others… She only went up 1.. I figured with all of her solo work (not solo single but solo magazine shoots and so on) her rank would hit 15 or even 10!!

Kizaki Yuria, as a team leader and a Rappappa Queen I thought she’d fight her way to the top!

Now this is only first day results! EVERYONE still has a chance to shoot for the top!



Oh ps. please comment your opinion or who surprised you!