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Majisuka Gakuen 5! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

THE QUEENS OF THE DRAMA SERIES MG5 HAS FINALLY APPEARED! The long awaited Majisuka Gakuen 5 has finally come! But their are new a bigger enemies ahead!


The Famous Majisuka Gakuen will make it’s appearance once again! along with Yabakune, Gekioko!

Majisuka Gakuen All-Girls High School
Yabakune All-Girls High School
Gekioko High School Nursing Department

After the event of season 4 the Majio girls have know become Third years! and also Magic, Yoga and Salt have be held back a year with Bakamono graduating ahead of them! but Sakura has now become the Vice President! Yah go Sakura! Things in Majisuka Gakuen have been calm until a un expecting interference cause trouble..

Kakoii looking Sakura ❤

This season will be bigger and more un expecting than ever before! Their is now a new threat that has come a very serious and dangerous Yankee gang called the Yakuza and they have cause some trouble for these yankee girls but now its even more serious!!! After what they have done to Antonio! ANTONIO NO BE STRONG!

But good thing Salt has come to save her! GO SALT GO!!! BEAT THEM YAKUZA!


The Yakuza has now want to take down Salt as she has beaten them when saving Antonio, and though Salt saving Gekioko head leader they have now vowed to protect Majisuka as their debt. However this season isn’t just fighting with punching and kicking anymore! Its now do or die! It’s now a fight for the strongest not with their fist, but with their bullets…

Salt Rappapa leader

I was literally shocked with what has happened in this season, and OH MY GOSH their was moments when I never seen it coming! I won’t do any spoilers here, but this first episode was so far making me want to watch the second episode already!!! You will be shocked with will happen and for sure your mouth will be wide open when this episode ends.


Also many old former members from the past Majisuka series will also make an appearance such as Meada, Yuko, Nezumi, Black, Torigoya and Centre!! But this season seems to be much more serious! As there’s going to be many surprises that will happen throughout this series.

Also the each episode will be 34 minutes! longer than any pervious Majisuka Gakuen episode which I’m very happy about!!


Overall what will Majisuka Gakuen do after their encounter? Will they be able to beat the Yakuza without any blood shed? What will be ahead for these girls at Majisuka? Well if you want to know you can watch it right now!!!

Watch it here at Show48!: [EngSub] Majisuka Gakuen 5 Ep.1 | show48

Gifs and Photo credited to the ordinal owners and also a HUGE thanks once again to Show48 for these aired subs of our beloved girls in AKB thank you once again!


Why not try listening to Majisuka Gakune 5 opening Yankee Machine Gun here:AKB48-Yankee Machine Gun (RAW) – Video Dailymotion

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By Kosupure ❤