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Music reviews!

Hello! it’s been a while and i finally have a bunch of new music that I would love to share with you, some is both kpop and jpop enjoy!!

5. CRUSH “Woo ah”- I was a hard choose between 9 to 5 and this, but hands down this song is my fave so far. Crush is bringing his R&B style again which I love so much. The songs tells about how much he love someone and the Mv was… wow. The woah part was ok,  but after listening to it for a while its such a great song to pump up your morning, making you want to make coffee for your love one or something like that lol. My fave part is the little bit of rapping he put near the end of the song since I love hip hop right now. Overall the music as amazing as expected by Crush and the MV was very colourful and romantic.



MV:[MV] Crush(크러쉬) _ woo ah(우아해) – YouTube

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

4. ANGRYME: :”Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku/ Itoshima Distance/ Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru”- I haven’t listened to lot of Morning Musume sub units, but this song appeals to me in some way  <3. The song is very catchy to my ear, however the music video was a bit off to me in some areas. The costume were very colourful and unique, but i didn’t really get it in a way since the song is about love and their costume where a bit off from the concept. The dancing was actually really good, and the visuals that zooms into each member has the most amazing shot and literally all the members were flawless. Overall the song is very catchy, but the music video visual was ok.

Sing it! <3<3<3<3

MV:アンジュルム『糸島Distance』(ANGERME [Itoshima Distance]) – YouTube

Music Video: 3.4/5

Song: 4/5

Overall: 3.7/5

3. Kana Nishino: “Anata no Sukina Tokoro” – I actually really love Nishino songs, and this song was overall so cute! The visuals are every childlike in some ways and shows a very cute side of Nishino. Her vocal skills are to die for and she literally killed it singing this song. This sounds like an anime ending a bit and I think this is from an anime? but i’m not to sure. Overall this is song is very enlightening and I love the visual and Nishino herself <3.


MV:Kana Nishino – Anata no Sukina Tokoro (Full PV) – YouTube

Music Video 4/5

Song: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

2. NMB48: “Amagami Hime”-OMG THIS SONG THO ❤ <3. Like omg this song was literally so good. This actually reminds me of SKE48 coupling single Sekai ga Naiteru Nara. The visual is like literally like i’m watching a movie. The story was a bit odd as i didn’t get why their eating eachother arms? but the song is very catchy and the visuals are like AMAZING. Sayaka literally was bae lol <3, like omg idk I guess cuz this song fits her personality and she literally a badass stealing food lol like she can literally steal stuff from me also LOL. Anyways overall it was an amazing song, the concept of the video was a bit off with the eating each others arms, but overall it was AMAZING!!! Sayaka literally killed it and also Milky and everyone else in NMb48, i’m so proud!! ❤ ❤

YASS SAYAKA SLAY <3333 I ❤ you!
That arm tho yum!

MV: VOZ48 – [MV] NMB48 14th single – Amagami Hime -full ver.- | Facebook

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

1. Tiffany Hwang: “I Just Wanna Dance” – YASS LIKE FINALLY, I actually literally waited for this album to come out for so LONG. I actually waited for this music video to come out during school today lol at like around 9:00am. The song actually fit Tiffany style of music and the visuals where like OMG <3. I’m so happy with how the song went and the whole album itself. I actually like her song “What do I do” a lot and it’s in english also! The song was literally perfect style of pop mixed in with a bit of R&B and ballad. This song won’t appeal to everyone, but it a different approached from SM and i’m glad they took the chance to give this unique flavors of music to Tiffany. And also can’t forget Tiffany herself which she literally killed it! Overall I love this song and this MV was like perfect, such as herself and her album. Oh and if you don’t already know this Tiffany is my ultimate bias in kpop and i’m so happy she got this solo! FIGHTHING ❤


Tiffany Hwang ❤
Dance it! ❤

MV:TIFFANY 티파니_ I Just Wanna Dance_Music Video – YouTube

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5




Milky’s Graduation from NMB48

It is never easy to say goodbye to such an icon of our time! So many memories, laughs, tears, songs and tv shows! She really out did herself all of these years! tumblr_inline_mtp8id9a2q1qjw8og


Thank you for having the members of NMB48’s back when their own leader claimed they weren’t worthy. NMB48 is all beautiful and talented and you threw away a friendship to prove that. Watanabe Miyuki is so much more of a leader than anyone I’ve seen in a while.

Ever since Sayanee made some bad comments about NMB48 members on twitter last year,Watanabe Miyuki took to social media defending her hard working team.

She started by deleting all of her sayamilky photos from instagram and even called her out on twitter.

Since then NMB48’s agency had been torn and divided into how to resolve issues involving fans walking out and member’s reactions. They came to a compromise and everyone was to simply work together as one big happy family. Milky continuously pushed her juniors to their limits to shine while Sayanee believes idols should work independently. Thus, this compromise continuously proved itself a flaw.

Within 10 months of flawed resolutions Miyuki decided to back out of the senbatsu. About 2 months later, here we are!  Announcing a graduation.

Now, I am not a staff member.. I can’t confirm that the agency disputes have anything to do with Miyuki leaving at such an inconvenient time. I can confirm that she wants to leave as soon as possible claiming “graduation isn’t far away”


Good Luck Milky, I’m sorry to see you go so soon!


International AKB48 Sister Groups to FINALLY Debut

The debut of MNL48 is confirmed.. again… this time they’ll keep their word!

AKB48 will also see 2 more groups rise up, TPE48 in Taipei and BNK48 in Bangkok .

I’ve yet to be disappointed by Thai musicians so this will be amazing!!

I’d like to see a South Korean sister group someday too, I can’t seem to get into Kpop(besides YG) despite all of the amazing groups Kosupure has shown me! So it would definitely tie me into the genre more.

If AKB48 branches out to South Korea we can rest assured they debut under YG’s sector. YG and AKB48 are Asia’s top power houses right now and go way back. They’ve worked together plenty of times before and I’d be extremely excited for that.

As for the confirmed groups:

I’m very particular about music after being raised on Matsuura Aya and many other staple centers of JPOP so I highly anticipate what the future holds.. I hope someone stands out.





SOLO TOUR for Kashiwagi Yuki & Graduation Announcement

Yukirin’s first ever solo tour will take place during April – May!


Back in September Yukirin became seriously ill with a high fever and swollen tonsils causing her to go through IV treatments.  During this time she assured her fans she would make up for lost time!

Now she finally plans to perform in many places in Japan

April 14th she’ll perform in her new home’s city Niigata!! With that being said NGT fans are in for a treat!

April  21st  she’ll be in Osaka! If you’re in the kansai region I recommend you order your tickets now because it will sell fast.

April 22 she’ll be in Aichi, the venue is smaller so I highly recommend anyone in this area order tickets soon.

May 11 & 12 TOKYOOOOO! She’s doing two separate events due to the large amount of AKB48 fans. If you’re in Tokyo during this time you’ll also get lucky and see other AKB48 members in the audience! Watanabe Mayu will likely be there

On the 29th of May she’ll be performing in her home town of Kagoshima.

During her Kagoshima event she’ll be giving a statement..

As of right now it could be anything, a photobook, a solo album or her own show?? Well there is a more realistic option

It’s likely this is where she’ll announce her graduation. I’m not a Yukirin staff member so I don’t know for sure!


However, the entire solo event is great news!

Good Luck Yukirin! WE LOVE YOU


Yoshizawa Hitomi is Pregnant! YAAY

With great joy I want to wish Yoshizawa Hitomi a happy, healthy and wonderful pregnancy.


Yoshizawa ‘Yossy’joined morning Musume back in 2000 along with three others, Ishikawa Rika, Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi. They were the revolutionary generation that changed the perception of idols  in Japan.



Yossy is often given credit for opening the door for boyish girls to succeed in Japan’s music industry. She was trained by senpai Yasuda Kei to become an Idol to respect, adore and above all remember. She was the last generation to join under the leadership of Morning Musume’s original leader, Nakazawa Yuko. After Nakazawa-sama’s graduation, Iida Kaori became the leader and broadened a more youthful image allowing young Yossy to further express her ”faux lesbian” image. Despite obvious difficulties, Yoshizawa managed to work hard during her early idol years. The years of Iida Kaori as leader and Goto Maki as ace are known as the beginning golden age of Morning Musume. This was because both Goto and Iida encouraged members to promote their individual talents.

Nakazawa Yuko and Yoshizawa Hitomi

Leader Iida and senpai Kei opened so many doors for Yossy!


Yossy and Goto Maki


Fans and Japanese media alike continued to ship Yossy and Charmy (Ishikawa Rika) as a couple for an entire decade. They were Japan’s favourite comedy during the early to mid 2000s.




Ishikawa Rika graduation


Yoshizawa became the 4th leader of Morning Musume seemingly overnight after Yaguchi Mari quit due to a groundbreaking scandal.

Her years of leadership would see the end of Morning Musume’s golden era and the rise of the National Idols, AKB48. Yoshizawa did her best to keep Morning Musume relevant and successful during their defeat. However, Morning Musume remained where the top begins. They are still a large staple in JPOP.

Niigaki Risa, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Kamei Eri, Fujimoto Miki, Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Michishige Sayumi and Mitsui Aika + Kusumi Koharu in the middle

After Miki’s center position seemed to gain less attention than expected a new route was taken.

Tanaka Reina, Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa stepped forward as the aces. Thus the platinum era began. Yoshizawa handed her leadership torch to Miki and shortly after she handed it to Takahashi Ai.

Reina, Risa and Ai

Yoshizawa has continued to work hard ever since her graduation in 2007.  Now she has a new project, raising a beautiful baby! I’m so happy I cried happy tears!!

What a journey, she’s been part of 2 eras in Jpop and her boyish legacy is carried on by idols like Miyazawa Sae and The Hoopers. I can’t forget to mention the current ikemen Kudo Haruka of Morning Musume!!


Love Sunakku

… i totally don’t have a crush on Yossy anymore you  guys! Just kidding! She was my very first idol crush!

Matsui Jurina Birthday and Taeyeon Brithday!!! + updates

The day has finally arrived once again. The one and only birthday by none other than Matsui Jurina herself! Has finally turned 19!


Lol wanted to write a letter sort of blog post today haha so bare with for both Jurian and Taeyeon

Dear Matsui Jurina,

Thanks for being the funny and talented person you are today!

I’ve watched you grow for the past 3 years that I’ve been in the 48 fandom and i’m so glad that I can call you my role model. ❤

Sae and Jurina ❤ cuteeeee

You’ve cheered me up with you smile and your caring personality, even if your puns aren’t as great to some, their great and funny to me.


You’ve grown to a beautiful and wonderful women that are you are today. I’m so blessed that I’ve got to learn many things about you and myself watching you grow into the individual are you today.


I’m sorry for not updating on SKE48 as much and the 48 family, but you’ve haven’t changed even when I look into SKE48 and AKB48 these past few months.

12 year old Jurina CUTE ❤

Jurina you’re the most modest, sincere and caring idol that I’ve come to love these past few years. Thanks for being my Oshimen and please keep the Wmastui love going! Matsui Jurina fighting!~ ❤ We love you Jurina happy 19th birthday you kissing monster! ❤


You’re beloved fan

Kosupure ❤

ALSO the beloved and leader of the most well known girl group in all of Korea and the world is none other than the wonderful leader TAEYEON!!!

Dear Kim Taeyeon,

Wow it’s literally be  about 7-8 years since I’ve first listened to you in the songs into the new world and kissing you!

18 year old Taeyeon cute!

I’m so glad I’ve gotten back into this groups and i’m glad you still haven’t changed from being the Kid leader that you’ve been for these past years!

I’m so blessed that you’ve grown from a wonderful 18 year old to a now mature and beautiful 28 year old! I’ve remember all the times I tried dancing to Kissing you and Gee when I was around in grade 4-5 lolol.


I grown and seen Taeyeon grow along with all the other SONE in the world, and i’m so, so blessed that you Taeyeon changed and inspire others throughout these years.


You’re the most sincere, caring and funny leader. Its been a hard 2013, but just know were SONES are right behind you and SNSD will forever be OT9 in our hearts.

Anyways Taeyeon i’m so glad you finally have you solo concert and you solo singles a hit! Keeping being the sleepy, funny, silly, kid leader we know! Taeyeon fighting!~ ❤


You’re beloved SONE fan

Kosupure ❤

Also in other new MATSUI JURINA FINALLY HAS TWITTER LIKE FINALLY @JURINA38G! I’ve literally waited so long for it,  but literally waiting for the day she opens her own snapchat and instagram account!

Also in the kpop world the wonderful LEE HI has finally released her comeback songs Breath and Hold my hand in her youtube! YASS LEE HI ❤ watch it here: LEE HI – “한숨 (BREATHE)” M/V – YouTube

Since it the beloved Matsui Jurina Birthday why not try some songs with Jurina here! My personal favourites

Who wouldn’t know Jurina first solo song Akai Pinhiiru to Professor here:Matsui Jurina (AKB48) – Akai Pin Heel to Professor …

Also why not try SNSD first single Into the new world and kissing you two of my personal favourites! here: Girls’ Generation 소녀시대_Into The New World(다시 만난 …

Credits to the original owners of the photos and GIFS on tumblr! and also videos on youtube and JPopsuki TV

By: Kosupure ❤

(P.S: Also almost forgot to say, I will try my best to update this as I have diplomas and also Rugby to do at school! ALSO if you want to join this site or talk to me lol just message me on KiK (faithygal) or line (Jurirena48) if you’re interested in joining)






Miyazawa Sae, graduation preparations


2008 was the year I discovered Jpop for very first time.. By the time I got into AKB48 I had already known the name ”Miyazawa Sae” . She appeared on variety tv nearly every week sporting her cunning personality and beautiful smile. Her boyish style was one of many reasons she became an oshimen at first sight.

Throughout the years Sae acted as a supportive senpai and obediant kohai. She is the only member every girl in AKB48 can say got a long with everybody she met.

Sae was a victim of bullying during middle school, her story of becoming on top of her emotions inspired me. She eventually rebuilt her confidence and turned her sorrows into absolute love and kindness for others. She’s known to be the member that steps in between fights and rebuild friendships.


She never claimed to be perfect, that made her perfect.

She never claimed to be the best, that made her the best.

She never claimed to be the most supportive senpai, but her kohai say otherwise.

With Sae becoming an OG, all of the 48 family has large shoes to fill. I dont  care what anyone says, she will always be the greatest member. I’m looking forward to seeing her grow in the future.

As of right now, lets cheer on the current line up! Lets show Sae all of her hard work wont go to waste.

Both of my oshimen in Jpop will be graduated from their respective groups. All I really have left is Maachan from Momusu!!

So, whats next??  Haha




SNH48’s Tang Anqi, Still in Critical Condition

I’m sorry for not writing this sooner, the circumstances surrounding this heart breaking near fatal experience is still under investigation. Before I make any statements I want to thank everyone who has helped her so far .

With that being said, the amount of support Tang has received during her critical recovery is heart warming. Her first round of skin graphing was successful. As long as the doctors can prevent her exposed tissue from becoming infected she’ll hopefully recover.

SNH48 staff,  members and fans have donated blood to help keep her going during the most intense portions of her hospitalization.

Thank you to everyone who has helped keep her beautiful heart beating.


With all my best wishes,

Stay strong 👊

My heart goes out to her during this time!!


Rena first lead role + many more updates

Hello everyone! wow it’s been a while haha lets get started shall we!!

Matsui Rena has finally landed her major lead role in the drama Kanagawa-ken Atsugi-shi Laundry Chigasaki! Finally seeing my oshimen in her lead drama can’t wait to see it!  She will play as a 25 year old who has a part time job at the coin laundry, can’t wait to see Rena play this character! ❤ ❤

Matsui Rena! ❤ ❤ ❤

Sadly A fellow HKT48 member Okanda Kana has  announced her graduation in Feburary 25, 2016. Very sad to see more people in 48 family graduating, but lets continue to support her!!! ❤

Okanda Kana FIGHTING!!! ❤

Nogizaka46 also released there cover jackets and track for “Harujion ga Saku Koro” There are 5 version of the album available  and it’s already available in stores now!


Also in the kpop industry Jessica Jung has finally signed with a new label after her parting ways with SM entertainment Even her Boy friend Tyler Kwon is said to be in that entertainment. Lets support her and wish her good luck in your future with her new label  Coridel Entertainment!

Jessica Jung ❤ ❤

After almost 2 years after the horrible and tragic car accident that cost the lives of beautiful, talented and fellow members of Ladies Code EunB and RiSe the trio had released their comeback! I’m still shocked about the incident even to this day, but I’m very proud to see Ladies Code continuing to be strong for each other. They are still traumatize about the incident, and they will try their best to be the best group that they are! Ladies Code fighting!! ❤ <3<3


Want to listen to some new music! Why not try Ladies Code Comeback Galaxy here!: [MV] 레이디스 코드 (LADIES’ CODE)_갤럭시(GALAXY …

Also why not try my personal favourite song called Lost in love a duet by two of my favourite people Taeyeon and Tiffany here:[ENG Lyrics] 130111 SNSD Taeyeon Tiffany – Lost in Love …

By: Kosupure




Count Down to Keyakizaka46’s Debut

April 6, though two months away seems to be coming fast at us. In all honesty i haven’t felt this excited about a new group for a very long time!

The newest elites in the JPOP world


Hopefully the cheery, youthful and hilarious vibes they display can allow us to feel nostalgic yet open new doors.

So to celebrate, the girl’s will be doing various handshake events for their single. We all love wota translations so i might hit the 2ch threads and do some first impression translations to see which members make a lasting impression (i wont add the scary stuff i find lol )

Their first handshake event isn’t until April 17, 2016 so i’ll be posting other things about the girls before then! No worries!


So far my favourite members are Moriya Akane, she’s very well composed and very serious about her job. I’m looking forward to seeing what she can bring into the 48g family. And Imaizumi Yui, after she introduced herself she sang an acappella. She was in an idol group previously under the name Kashiwagi Yui. Girls in her previous group nicknamed her Yuiful and i certainly hope it sticks!



So, Keyakizaka46, GANBATTE