Updates on Kosupure

Hey guys woo it’s been a while, I just wanted to say I don’t really know what to do with this blog anymore and I decided to take a leave for now or so called break. My heart for 48 fandom has kinda died on me after a year ago and i might just need a break from 48 family for a while…

Sorry for the depressing situation and for anyone who follows this blog..


I’ll be taking a break from here on out, however if my hearts makes me follow 48 again like in kpop then i’ll post blog and stuff again.

Thanks for everyone who supported and created this blog but I feel like my time with 48 family is up as it is hard to look at SKE the same without Rena. However maybe i’ll get back on it who knows only time will tell

If you have any concerns about me don’t hesitate to contact me on KiK: Faithgal or line:Jurirena if you guys want to talk or have concerns according to this blog. Please don’t be scared I’m actually nice soo!!! yeah



Well thanks for the support guys! PEACE till next time.

By: Kosupure  ❤