AKB48 MILESTONE: Kashiwagi Yuki’s Boyfriend “Scandal” is not a Scandal

Photo’s of a vibrant and happy Kashiwagi Yuki in the arms of her then (possibly current) boyfriend have been leaked earlier this month. The two were in a very cozy Ryokan together. Mind you, Ryokan’s are not like Love Hotels, a lot of the time Ryokan’s are family owned and family orientated. These Inns are very welcoming and usually a hot spot for couples or families. That shows significance within the relationship apart from physical connections.

Of course, we all expected the worse to happen to Yuki, surprisingly, this is being ignored. A milestone moment that could potentially change the “no boyfriend rules” for adult members of AKB48 and her sister groups.

Kashiwagi being placed in NGT48 has not been linked to the scandal officially (as of June 24, 2015)

Fans from both Japan and abroad have spoken out against AKB48 for their form of punishment back when Minegishi Minami was begging for forgiveness. As for Yukirin, fans also threatened the management in favor of her well being and happiness. Some fans even exclaimed “if she’s happy, we’re happy, if she leave’s we’ll leave”.
AKB48 can’t afford to lose Yukirin fans.. she does rank high every year in the elections and brings so much attention to AKB as the reaction Queen.  This leaves us with evidence that the majority of Japanese fans are more disgusted with the punishment than the actual scandal. A lot of foreigners and Japanese fans alike once said “This is apart of Japan’s culture”. Okay, that was how long ago? Like Fujimoto Miki in Morning Musume long ago. Over the past decade the dating rule has become more and more under fire. Punishments and forced retirements have thrown the idols into shame and regret for exploring their sexuality and emotional needs. Of course fans still get a bit upset when their oshimen breaks a rule, however, they are not ours to control and Yuki’s fans have made that VERY clear.

The dating rule was most prominently enforced back in 1997 when Morning Musume first debuted, their producer and agency promoted the innocent Idol look. This would influence future girl groups as time went on. Sometimes when you mix strict rules and adolescents you have scandals. The first major Idol scandal was back in 1999 when Country Musume’s Kobayashi Azusa’s nude photos were leaked just after her fellow member has been killed in a tragic car accident. The Hello!Project star became an AV porn star within months of leaving the group.. When AKB’s Nakanishi Rina followed a similar path it was also a high profile scandal. Obviously, as we see by comparing other Idol groups scandals happen.. It’s hard to tell grown women they can’t act on their emotions. Some scandals are a bit more intense than the dating scandals wouldn’t you agree?

We aren’t exactly in 1997 or the early 2000s anymore, we don’t have cute little Abe Natsumi’s face promoting Idols when this rule was a fan favorite! Japan has been recently moving away from the cute image and into the “sexy hafu” look. These days we have people like Rola and Sashihara Rino leading the female Idols to stardom and they promote a less cute, more sexy influence in Japan.

Perhaps the management of AKB48 has been forced to re-consider how they should treat their idols for having a life outside of work. The rules should still be enforced when it comes to the younger members to ensure they have no regrets for doing anything too early in life.

Kashiwagi Yuki is the first out of AKB48 that has not received a large penalty equivalent to Watanabe Miyuki and others. However, until they officially link her movement to NGT48 we can’t officially declare she’s punishment free. AKB48 has not made an official statement on whether the couple is still together or not. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the man in the photos, he is also an Idol. He is a player and has bee spotted with another woman in 2014, about a few months after the photos of him and Yuki were taken. If that is the case and she was cheated on she really deserved our support more than ever. Although, we can not confirm the two were together at this time. 

So, I want to thank all of her Japanese and abroad wotas who have cheered for Kashiwagi Yuki as she felt totally helpless and guilty for being involved in a romantic relationship!

Fan opinions are on twitter and 2ch threads.. not that I read 2ch……. 
Morning Musume history – hello!online
AKB history – stage48
Japan’s cute – sexy trend change I’ve found in Jvlogger videos on youtube, just type in “hafu trend” and you’ll see some stuff
Yuki’s “scandal” it’s everywhere
I pretty much googled everything, I just want to back myself up! I’m not sure what the future holds regarding the dating scandal, but the trends in fan reactions support my theories

Kitahara Rie’s Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to the unagi like Princess, Kitahara Rie! (belated since it’s already the 25th in Japan)

We all hope this year will be the best year in her life,
not only has she became a beautiful adult but also the leader of NGT48!
I hope she continues to succeed and make us all proud!

It’s also Kosupure’s birthday
Happy birthday to my amazing best friend & co-admin!
Though we never met in person she certainly has been there for every fangirl moment!
Not only is she a devoted AKB48 fan but also a devoted Rena wota!
The announcement of Matsui Rena was very hard on her, so please send her your best wishes!

Your’s truly,

Fat Matsuko Deluxe Knows What’s “Best” for the Olympics

Before I get accused of anything please note:

I applaud Matsuko wholeheartedly for her bravery to openly present herself as a member of the LGBT community! Her being a crossdresser is NOT what I’m attacking! I’m attacking her “larger than life” opinions and hypocrisy because that is what the internet is for. 

“AKB48 is distasteful” says the person who constantly talks smack about everyone on the face of the earth. Am I offended? Yes! Offended over her AKB48 comment? NO, I’m offended by the fact she puts down other people due to appearance but can’t take it when people criticize her appearance!
Am I entitled to share my opinion like she is? Yes!

Matsuko Deluxe is a columnist I once highly respected up until a few years ago when she bashed one of my top idols claiming she did little to deserve her position all because she wears miniskirts, yet now that she’s gone Matsuko promotes the group she graduated from. I won’t say any names as it would add insult to injury.

Now, is she entitled to call AKB distasteful? Of course! She is distasteful herself, it takes one to know one.. It sickens me that this person is allowed to talk shit about every single human being on this planet but we all walk on eggshells around her. When someone disagrees with her and tells her off, more than likely she pulls the “You’re only arguing because you don’t like cross dressers”. No, we live in the 21st century, this has nothing to do with your clothes and makeup.. but don’t get upset when people do make fun of you, all you do is criticize women for their appearance.

Matsuko Deluxe stated she feels AKB48 doesn’t deserve to be apart of the 2020 Olympics because of their distasteful image. First of all, what heterosexual male or homosexual female athlete would complain if these lovely Idols sang for them? AKB48 has worked very hard for their success, with 200+ members and only around 15 scandals I’d say they are doing better than any Idol group Matsuko has promoted. Slut shaming AKB48 for their appearance is disgusting.. I hate slut shaming and believe anyone who slut shames is either a bigot or a medieval time traveler. If someone dresses sexy that does not make them distasteful, we left the 19th century FAR behind us as Matsuko, an LGBT member, should know.
SO, since we’re using appearance and stereotypes against AKB48 here is mine,


Matsuko Deluxe, you’re fat and jealous of sexy women and always have been..
You might wanna leave this blog post, I’m going to be just as unapologetic as her and say the following

“fat girls like us shouldn’t even have an opinion on whats good for sports” ^_^ 

The Olympics are made up of active people who play sports, they aren’t lazy
AKB48 is made up of active people who play sports, they aren’t lazy.
Matsuko Deluxe and myself are NOT active people, we don’t play sports, we’re lazy
Therefore, we don’t deserve to talk about what is best for the Olympics because we haven’t worked.. or worked out for it
Matsuko and myself keep our tabs on Idols, not sports.

She was born with feminine identity yet doesn’t encourage other women to succeed and dress as they want… Women should be sticking together, not putting each other down.

This blog post was not simply fueled by her AKB48 comments, in all honesty I wrote this after years of disgust.. I am an advocate for transgenders AND support feminism. This goes out to every woman (biological or not), YOU don’t deserve to call yourself a woman if all you are going to do put women down.

If you WANT the right to be respected for dressing as the woman you identify as then you better show respect for the way other women present themselves.

I do not apologize for being as distasteful as Matsuko Deluxe in this blog post,
I have no regrets for posting this much like she has no regrets for all the comments she’s said over the years regarding other women.

Again, in case it’s not clear, I support my fellow LGBT members 100%
Matsuko Deluxe’s opinion on how women should look is equally as offensive as all the people saying “He’s a man, he should dress like one”

– Sincerely, a “butthurt” AKB48 & KPOP fan who is sick of listening to women putting other women down.

AKB48 Members who Hate/Hated Eachother

Let the Idol Envy Begin,

AKB48 and it’s sister groups currently have about 200+ girls.

Is it really likely that all 200+ girls are going to be best friends with each other? Nope, not at all…

In this blog we are going to crack down a few examples of members who DO NOT get along


Sometime after her graduation, Itano Tomomi, opened up about how she and Maeda Atsuko did not get along at all.
She claims the two grew out of their envy and became friends, which is proven in many twitter, instagram and blog posts.
However, the reason between the clash of Queens was due to both jealousy and attitude.

Itano’s known for having a little bit (a lot) of attitude along with amazing determination. Her hot style and beautiful features made her insanely popular among Japan’s youth and teens. Maeda on the other hand was ace and always put front and center. This caused some envy between the two idols that felt entitled to what the other had.
They both managed to grow out of it.

Watanabe Mayu Bashes Kodama Haruka and Miyawaki Sakura

Just over a year ago, someone (Suspect is Nishino Miki) leaked an instagram that had never before seen selfies of Watanabe Mayu validating that the account belonged to her. Within this Instagram she revealed that:
-Kodama Haruka and Miyawaki Sakura are both so young yet has so much plastic surgery-
Due to the fact no one was able to confirm that this girl WAS Mayu (despite the identical photos, comments and hard to get facts about Mayu) nothing became of this. All in all, surgery should be kept confidential unless the actual members choose to reveal it themselves.

Now, these are just 2 examples.. If you remember any other occurrences or rumors feel free to comment below!!
I don’t know these girls personally! For all I know Majisuka Gakuen was real and it was how the girls act behind scenes lol!
Jk, but again, Idk for sure if anyone hates anyone!!


Beyond SKE Matsui Rena Plus Senbatsu SenElection results

Before I talk about graduation… the winner of the 41th senbatsu elections was…

Rino Sashihara aka Sasshi!!! Yah me and Sunakku are very proud everyone who participated and also to our oshi! Sae got a 8th place! And Jurina got 5th place! Were proud of you Sae and Jurina!

Even Sasshi happy for them! ❤

A lot of new senbatsu members have showed up in the ranks such as Churi, Rei, Tomu and Kaori. And I’m happy to say that Takamina got 4th place! Great job Takamina!

Even Meada came to congratulate Takamina!
Current ranking of the 41th Senbatsu

I can’t wait for what song Aki-P plans to give Sasshi her centre song! I hope i’ll be as great as Koi Suru Fortune Cookie.


Also today I felt very sad since yesterday rumours were spreading about Rena graduation… I felt uneased about Rena graduating and I felt, as If she would announced it some time today… a part of me thought she wouldn’t, but deep down I felt like she would…

And today on June 10, 2015 Rena on ANN radio announced her graduation….

I’m very sad to hear this.. as many people are starting to announce their graduation this year, I felt as if Rena time in SKE48 would come to a end also. I never wanted this day to come.. since I joined the fandom.

Rena finally found something beyond SKE and AKB, which is her acting! Me and Sunakku have watched the Gift and her acting was so beautiful, she fit into her character, her acting skills were flawless. Even in MV’s she acted so well in them!


I remember clearly the first time I saw Rena act in Majisuka as Gekikara she scared me to death with her laugh that I soon grew to love. In Katamoi Finally, was the time I found Matsui Rena and said to myself “She seem like me in a way”. She was the first person that made me fall head over heels for Gekikara and help me find the AKB in the first place.


Matsui Rena is pretty shy and when she joined SKE she usually sat by herself. However as time when on, she found people helping her grow as an idol. Rena has chanced over the year to being a shy 18 year old to now a leader and centre of SKE at 23.

Rena back in 2009 (Taken by 48newsfrance)
Rena today at ANN radio 2015

Rena isn’t just as Idol she a caring person, someone who cares a lot about her juniors, members and fans. Rena isn’t great at sport or at dancing… but she achieved so much in her past 8 years in SKE48 and in the 48 family.

She made me laugh, cry and scared (Gekikara) but She’s is still just a normal young women.

I know things in SKE48 won’t be the same as it was.. but I know Rena wants SKE to grow without her. She knows her time is over in SKE, but beyond her she still has so much to do and achieve.

During the radio talk of ANN Tani Marika has sent pictures of her and Rena in her 755. It broke my heart when I heard Rena start crying when she mentioned Tani in a video clip during ANN. She really likes Tani even tho she always has this “I don’t like her” act. Tani even went up to Rena one day after practice and hugged her and cried after. Even the draft member Koishi Kumiko mentioned Rena helping her when she was still new to SKE48, and even tho she was hard on Kumiko, she mentioned Rena was the person that cared about her the most when she felt she didn’t have a chance as an idol.

I know some people think “Oh just another graduation” But graduation mean a lot to some people. A lot of people in the 48 family has graduated, and i’m sad when another member tell us that their graduating… A lot of people who have been in the 48 family seen and watched their fave members grow and move on beyond 48 family. It hit me hard when Rena said she was “Announcing her graduating” and I finally knew what it  truly felt to see one of your oshi move on from the idol life… Maeda, Sayaka, Tomochin, Mariko have all graduated and become successful models, actors, and solo artist and I want Rena turn to come to be as successful as them!

Rena is someone who will always have a special place in my heart. She the idol I look up too, she smart, funny, dorky and also a HUGE melonpan lover, but she still Matsui Rena I’ve come to love. She taught me many things such as being kind, never giving up and being who you are. She the person that I would relate more than most members I love in the 48 family.


I know SKE48 won’t be the same without it Wmatsui centre… But I’m glad Rena finally found something she wants to do. She decided this herself and i’m glad she made this decision to leave her idol legacie behind for new members to look back to. And I know Jurina will work extra hard to let Rena that SKE would be alright.

Just 2 months for the Wmatsui to be together

I Glad all the members in the 48 family are also congratulation Rena. I read some of their tweets and it makes me happy to see so many members supporting Rena decision! It makes me proud that the members aren’t just coworkers, but a family that will always support each other and go through whatever together. I’m so happy to be part of this 48 fandom and see these girls grow strong relationships with each other!

Milky and Rena
Rena and Churi
Takamina and Rena
Suda and Rena

Matsui Rena I’m happy to say congratulations on your graduation! I’ll watch your grad in August! Till than I’m glad that you’ve became part of my life. Thanks for everything Rena, I’m so proud of you! ❤

Congrats Rena! ❤

From now on, I will not be walking on the path where “Rank” is necessary,

It’s a fight with me, myself not others..

Because more than anything that’s all I ever wanted

– Matsui Rena

 Photos and gif credited to the original people who posted this on their Tumblr blog!

Since your read this long post why not sit a relax to The Ark the light MV here!

[MV] THE ARK(디아크) _ The Light(빛) – YouTube

By: Kosupure ❤