Abe Maria – A Secret Ace?

This week’s member of the month digs a little deeper into the potential of one of AKB’s mysterious sideline girl.

Abe Maria is definitely not the most popular member of AKB48, she is not yet a front girl nor does she ever get major parts in AKB’s singles and so on. However it is hard to overlook this beautiful young Idol much longer. She is no longer the side kick she was in Majisuka Gakuen’s third season and she definitely won’t be the sidekick in AKB48 much longer either.

This girl is definitely Idol material and doesn’t get much recognition for it, so why are they holding her potential back?
Perhaps the AKB48 producers believe it’s best to slowly surface the newer generations one face at a time to prevent fans from further feeling that “AKB isn’t the same”.

This comment is becoming more and more thrown about which is unpleasant to hear as I’m sure Shinoda Mariko, Acchan and Yuko don’t want us to feel this way. They want us to love the group they brought to life for what each generation has to offer. I’m sure every graduated member would feel absolutely sad if everything they worked for and everything they hoped for ended because they weren’t there anymore. Imagine the guilt that TakaMina would have if AKB’s popularity dropped if people didn’t support them simply because “Takahashi Minami left, I don’t care anymore”. It isn’t fair to her, it isn’t fair to the girls who work hard and it isn’t fair to yourself, all of your hilarious wota moments would suddenly mean what?

TakaMina wants all of us to continue supporting AKB! She worked hard to bring them this far, don’t let her hard work fail.

You’re right, AKB48 isn’t the same, the faces are changing but the energy is not, the graduated members handed down the crown to their heirs. If the Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom can last for this long so can the amazing Idols that work so hard to keep AKB48 lively today.

Abe Maria is a wonderful example of a hard working newer girl who is doing everything she can to sustain AKB48’s ongoing popularity and loyal fans. She dedicates herself, free time and late hours to ensure AKB48 moves forward and not backwards. She is working just as hard as all of our Generation 1 members did to keep AKB48 in the top of our hearts.

That hard work proves that she is a fantastic ace even if she isn’t getting a good rank in the elections or a center position in the next single.

Abe Maria has everything it takes to become just as amazing as Acchan and so does every other member in that group. We have to do our part as wotas and cheer them on until -FOREVER- okay? They work hard for their position, we work hard to keep them there!

Lets make them proud of their hard work, lets never let AKB48 fail simply because the members have changed. The old members should never have to feel guilty or sad for graduating, after all, AKB48 was made to last ^^ 

I’m proud of all of you AMAZING fans who managed to LOVE AKB48 even if the faces have changed!
Thank you for reading my weird encouragement message haha


Rappapa’s Queen Yoga Tweets

Yoga decides to challenge Majisuka Gakuen while stuffing her face with gooooood food.
Peace on the other hand. . . .

remember this is only fan fiction lol if someone actually has an account with that username it was made after I posted this, I make sure that each @thingy is avaliable before I photoshop it all together hahaha.

Majisuka Gakuen 4! Episode 3!



Woah! Sakura tho, in this episode was badass!!!! She so like Meada character! I have to say this episode showed Sakura character to her being a badass yankee, and wanting to take the top and showing everyone that she isn’t weak!  she even got herself some underlying Zombie and Kamisori! That will follow her till the end!


Even with the new group of friends that she meets, she still has this “I can do this myself”attitude just like Meada!! Sakura having firends is ok! even OG told you to get yourself some friends!


Well anyways, Sakura is spreading like wide fire when she beats up Team Hinabe, Zombie and Kamisori! and students even mentioned to each other that she will take the “Top”. News gets to Rapapa now and they plan to take her down! Sakura better watch herself because Yoga coming to kick her butt! she won’t let anyone lay a finger on Salt!


Now Yoga and Sakura have a epic battle! Who’s going to win is it YOGA? SAKURA? Well, I’ll let you watch it yourself! you’ll see who wins this epic brawl between Sakura and Yoga!


The excitement is building up! Even Gekioko High School is waiting to attack Majisuka behind the sences! There watching Sakura take the top and when the times comes, there going to take down Majisuka altogether! you sneaky Gekioko!

Want to watch the new episode 3! click here to watch the epic battle being! http://myaidol.net/majisuka-gakuen-4-episode-3/

Big thanks for Aidol team of subbers for showing us the lastest episode of Majisuka! and other AKB related shows!!

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Mocchi’s Doing Us A Favor! – Sunakku

Well, the time has come!

Please have a good sense of humour while reading the Member of the Week posts, of course every member is special in many ways but I’m going to show you a side of them that doesn’t get a lot of attention. . A funny but true side (warning may contain exaggerations for the purpose of making this amusing)
Every Saturday (Sunday in the East) I’ll be posting a member of the week thread just to make you guys laugh a bit. This week we’re going to focus on AKB48’s Honorary crazy cat lady, Kuramochi Asuka. Please continue to support this beautiful Idol and her BFF!

Take one glance at her twitter and it isn’t hard to notice how devoted she is to the well being of her blue eyed baby. She even tweeted a screen-shot of her phone with the background being a close up of her adorable cat. She reminds me of a proud mother showing off her stylish child!

Asuka is doing us A HUGE favour! She gives each and every crazy cat lady hope for the future. Breaking the vintage stereotype, Asuka proves that not all crazy cat ladies are fat and ugly! In fact she is beautiful, thin and successful!! So please live at ease my fellow animal lovers and rest assure that there is a chance for being as gorgeous as her.. A CHANCE, a 0.001% chance that we can become as awesome as her one day.

On a more serious note, I have unlimited respect for her as she is so kind to her cat and showers her/him with love. I always see sad posts about abused animals and so on. Sometimes I don’t even want to use social media because it’s sooooooooooooo heartbreaking when people post photos of abused animals. I mean, I’m glad they do it to raise awareness. Asuka’s twitter always shows happy posts about her cat which reminds me that there are still good people out there.

Oh my god, you guys.. As I’m writing this she just tweeted the most adorable photos of her cat! I think this Cat is my new favourite member of AKB48!

Lets continue to support Asuka and her unofficial pledge to end the stereotype of crazy cat ladies!

I wrote this with the intention to make people laugh, by no means am I trying to offend anyone. Asuka is one of my favourite members, I adore her and posted this to make people laugh not cry.

Even her wotas say they wish they could be her cat for a day ahaha
Please follow Asuka’s twitter if you haven’t already. She’s perfect.. now go tweet her telling her how awesome she is okay? Here’s the link…. no excuses 😉

So, no harm intended.. Just enjoy!
Remember, there are two awesome posters on this site!! 
Sunakku and Kosupure!!

Majisuka Gakuen 4!!!


The new season of Majisuka Gakuen 4 has already started after waiting for almost 3 years!!!! Even Milky is excited about it!!!! I’m glad to say the first episode was exciting and I can’t wait for the other episodes to air!!!


I’m happy to say that Sakura and Paruru are the new Meada and Yuko rivals in Majisuka! I’m glad Sakura is part of this drama along with Paruru! Also, Paruru being in 3 Majisuka drama and having 2 major roles in the last 2 drama, lets us see how much she’s grown as an actor!! I’m glad she part of this Majisuka Gakuen 4 and playing the role of Rapapa leader!  I’m also glad to see old retuning Majisuka students such as Otabe (Yokoyama Yui) and Wota now called Scandal (Sashihara Rino)! they also showed Torigoya (Kojima Haruna) in the first few seconds of the episode!! I hope they show the Centre, Nezumi, Gekikara and Youran in the upcoming episodes, haha because why not there badass Yankees!!

tumblr_mmaz5dt9a31qmqm7ro1_500 latest tumblr_nhl2ligmiR1tfbj8go6_500 03

Want to watch the new Majisuka Gakuen 4! I recommend watching Aidol Channel! They have the newest subs of variety shows and they also already subbed the first 2 episodes of Majisuka!!!! \(^  ^)/

Here a link to Majisuka Gakuen episode 2 that Aidol subbed!! http://myaidol.net/150119-majisuka-gakuen-4-episode-2

Heres the link to Majisuka Gakuen episode! from Aidol! http://myaidol.net/majisuka-gakuen-4-episode-1/

Have an AWESOME day everyone!!!