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Majisuka Gakuen 4! OTABA HAS COME!

The newest episode of Majisuka Gakuen has came out with a new Episode, the waiting battle between Sakura and Otaba has finally come! The Ex Leader of Majisuka has finally became serious then before and will do anything to protect the pride of Majisuka with all her might!


Otaba! we seen her grow from being a very mysterious person to a person that now has became more open, and a bit more talkative! She was the Leader of Majisuka Gakuen in season 2 and she was one me and Sunakku Favourite characters!!!  Yui acting has grown so much! You Go Otaba!!! ❤


In this episode we finally see the battle between Sakura an Otaba in action, Otaba herself evens tells Sakura that there’s no tricks just a one to one battle of brutal yankee power! The battle between these two was super intense! and me and Sunakku have to say this battle was the battle that Otaba showed Sakura what taking Majisuka was really about!!!


Otaba she grown so much over the years since being in Majisuka and we also get to see some character development with Sakura also! hehehe you have to find that out yourself when you watch it! ❤


Highschool has also finally declared war against Majisuka! what will happen now! this season of Majisuka has just got more and more intense! and I love it!


Well isn’t it enough of me talking right! haha Why don’t you watch the Battle between the Ex Leader of Rappapa, Otaba and Sakura in action!!! here at Aidol! Even Salt is wants to know what going to happened, just look at her!!!!


Also thanks again for Aidol for subbing these Majisuka Gakuen epiosdes there team put alot of effort and love to let AKB fans everywhere experience and understand Majisuka! ❤

click here to watch Majisuka Gakuen episode 7: [AIDOL] Majisuka Gakuen 4 – Episode 7

The gifs and photos are also credited to the users of Tumblr that I took! thank you guys also!

Also once in a while I’ll put a link at the end of my post to a song that you guys can check out AKB and Non AKB related Jpop music videos! Why not try listening to FLOWER one of my fave groups! Sayonara Alice here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXWbzZwKwbg

Anyways have and AWESOME day readers!

By: Kosupure! ❤