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Music reviews!

Hello! it’s been a while and i finally have a bunch of new music that I would love to share with you, some is both kpop and jpop enjoy!!

5. CRUSH “Woo ah”- I was a hard choose between 9 to 5 and this, but hands down this song is my fave so far. Crush is bringing his R&B style again which I love so much. The songs tells about how much he love someone and the Mv was just..like… wow. The woah part was ok,  but after listening to it for a while its such a great song to pump up your morning, making you want to make coffee for your love one or something like that lol. My fave part is the little bit of rapping he put near the end of the song since I love hip hop right now. Overall the music as amazing as expected by Crush and the MV was very colourful and romantic.



MV:[MV] Crush(크러쉬) _ woo ah(우아해) – YouTube

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

4. ANGRYME: :”Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku/ Itoshima Distance/ Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru”- I haven’t listened to lot of Morning Musume sub units, but this song appeals to me in some way  <3. The song is very catchy to my ear, however the music video was a bit off to me in some areas. The costume were very colourful and unique, but i didn’t really get it in a way since the song is about love and their costume where a bit off from the concept. The dancing was actually really good, and the visuals that zooms into each member has the most amazing shot and literally all the members were flawless. Overall the song is very catchy, but the music video visual was ok.

Sing it! <3<3<3<3

MV:アンジュルム『糸島Distance』(ANGERME [Itoshima Distance]) – YouTube

Music Video: 3.4/5

Song: 4/5

Overall: 3.7/5

3. Kana Nishino: “Anata no Sukina Tokoro” – I actually really love Nishino songs, and this song was overall so cute! The visuals are every childlike in some ways and shows a very cute side of Nishino. Her vocal skills are to die for and she literally killed it singing this song. This sounds like an anime ending a bit and I think this is from an anime? but i’m not to sure. Overall this is song is very enlightening and I love the visual and Nishino herself <3.


MV:Kana Nishino – Anata no Sukina Tokoro (Full PV) – YouTube

Music Video 4/5

Song: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

2. NMB48: “Amagami Hime”-OMG THIS SONG THO ❤ <3. Like omg this song was literally so good. This actually reminds me of SKE48 coupling single Sekai ga Naiteru Nara. The visual is like literally like i’m watching a movie. The story was a bit odd as i didn’t get why their eating eachother arms? but the song is very catchy and the visuals are like AMAZING. Sayaka literally was bae lol <3, like omg idk I guess cuz this song fits her personality and she literally a badass stealing food lol like she can literally steal stuff from me also LOL. Anyways overall it was an amazing song, the concept of the video was a bit off with the eating each others arms, but overall it was AMAZING!!! Sayaka literally killed it and also Milky and everyone else in NMb48, i’m so proud!! ❤ ❤

YASS SAYAKA SLAY <3333 I ❤ you!
That arm tho yum!

MV: VOZ48 – [MV] NMB48 14th single – Amagami Hime -full ver.- | Facebook

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

1. Tiffany Hwang: “I Just Wanna Dance” – YASS LIKE FINALLY, I actually literally waited for this album to come out for so LONG. I actually waited for this music video to come out during school today lol at like around 9:00am. The song actually fit Tiffany style of music and the visuals where like OMG <3. I’m so happy with how the song went and the whole album itself. I actually like her song “What do I do” a lot and it’s in english also! The song was literally perfect style of pop mixed in with a bit of R&B and ballad. This song won’t appeal to everyone, but it a different approached from SM and i’m glad they took the chance to give this unique flavors of music to Tiffany. And also can’t forget Tiffany herself which she literally killed it! Overall I love this song and this MV was like perfect, such as herself and her album. Oh and if you don’t already know this Tiffany is my ultimate bias in kpop and i’m so happy she got this solo! FIGHTHING ❤


Tiffany Hwang ❤
Dance it! ❤

MV:TIFFANY 티파니_ I Just Wanna Dance_Music Video – YouTube

Music Video: 5/5

Song: 5/5

Overall: 5/5




Akb48 43rd single update+AKB48 news+Other updates

Hello fellow AKB48 fans everywhere! Their’s been a new single coming up thison 2016 called Kimi wa Melody! Also once again our beloved Sakura will be centre!! WOOOO GO SAKURA!

Go Sakura!~

List of members that are joining this new single is graduated members such as Itano, Meada, Mariko, Yuko and Takahashi. Also members such as Jurina, Sae, Sayaka, Sasshi, Yuki, Mayu, Yuria and Kato Rena! You can also listen to a short preview here: https://youtu.be/DMd6_yu46PE

Also I would give a LOUD SHOUT FOR SAE GETTING 1st place in AKB48 group request Hour setlist best 100 of 2016!! ❤ I very proud of Sae getting her win for this neew year and I hope that she does great in the following years! SAE FIGHTING!~


Also former akb members have also commented on twitter and other social media about Sae win! She even thanked her fans all over the world about her win and she also stated to keep supporting her even after graduation! which we will! ❤

Also sadly all the original Team K members are all gone… last to join former  Team K members is Umeda Ayaka who announced her graduation on January 23, 2016. It very sad to final see all the original K members gone, but we shall continue to support these girls in the future! FIGHTING!

Umeda Ayaka ❤

Also for some other news… GFriend has finally released their new song called Rough taking a new vibe and dance to a new level far from there current release Glass Bead and Me Gustas Ta! This songs shows how you can’t take waiting for your love one and wished time to go faster, this song is full of beautiful singing and powerful dance moves! WOO GO GFRIEND!





also makane Umji got a new look with getting her bangs done! ❤ which looks amazing btw!

Umji ❤

Also Crush a solo artist has released his single cover called “Don’t Forget” along with Taeyeon from SNSD. This cover shows the sad side of loving, with sad voice and beautiful setting from Japan!




Why not try some songs that I updated on such as Gfriend “Rough” here:[MV] 여자친구(GFRIEND) _ 시간을 달려서(Rough) – YouTube

And Crush song called “Don’t Forget” Here:[MV] Crush(크러쉬) _ Don’t Forget(잊어버리지마 … – YouTube

Well I hope you guys like my update! Anyways thanks to anyone who still follows this blog thank you SOO MUCH! and well have an awesome day everyone!!!

Photos and gifs credited to the owners you original own this on tumblr!

By:Kosupure ❤