New Series Release!!

Hello my fellow AKB48 fans today I’m excited to one again say that Majisuka Gakune 5 will be released soon!!! YESSSS, OMG me and Sunakku have waited for his to come after finishing Majisuka 4.


There would be once again be rivalries between an old and new enemies!


I’ll start in August 24th! and I’ll be doing Majisuka updates again! Yeah! And the trailer has been up for a while but you haven’t seen it you should see it even if it a few seconds

Click here to see the AWESOMENESS! :That Majisuka Gakuen 5 Trailer tho


Also AKB48 rivalry group Nogizaka46 has also released their own Drama called Hatsumori Bemars!


This show is filled with funny and memorable moments even though I watched 2 episodes of it, it’s still a good series I recommend for others to watch! Its about a group of friends Nanamaru (Nanase Nishino), Chopin (Erika Ikuta) and Kote (Kazumi Takayama) trying to protect their childhood park called the Park of Beginnings from being turned to a building. However  Kirei (Mai Shiraishi) the ace of the soft ball team has challenged Nanamaru to a soft ball competition and if they beat the Champion which is Kirei school they can keep the park, and if not it will be hers. They 3 of them never once played soft ball and decide to accept the challenge and form the soft ball team Hatsumori Bemars and claim their park back!


Their also a character that who’s a Yankee like in Majisuka and she even makes a reference to the akb Majisuka Gakuen as she states she’s has beaten some Maji students! I’m guessing shes pretty strong And her name is Imadoki (Yumi Wakatsuki )


I’m Glad that they finally made a series for this wonderful girl! Can’t wait to see other episodes for Hatsumori Bemars. I will also do reviews on this series and do 2 episode reviews in one!

You can watch episodes 1 here: [EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.1 | show48

And Episode 2 here also: [EngSub] Hatsumori Bemars Ep.2 | show48

Credits to the owners of these Gifs and also to Show48 for the subs for these videos!


Why not watch and hear AKB new single called Halloween Night here: [MV] Halloween Night Short ver. / AKB48 [official]

Also why don’t you try Kpop group Infinite here: 인피니트(INFINITE) “Bad” Official MV – YouTube

Have an awesome day!!

By: Kosupure ❤


One thought on “New Series Release!!”

  1. RE: “Halloween Night”. It is a great throwback/retro sound that is very true to 1970s Disco. Super production, taking the best parts of 1970s Disco, complete with that “boogie woogie” phrase. I think I will love it.


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