Senbatsu Elections 7th Election! And Updated news!

Senbatsu 7th Election time almost here!!! Another year of election has finally come around! Who will take top this year?

People have been thinking this year will be Takamina year! She has announced her graduation, and now since this is her last Senbatsu election she declares to the world “I wants to take number 1!!”

Takamina… don’t cry on me! ( ; _ ; )

Other such as Jurina also want to take number 1! Jurina also said during the last election that she want to be number 1! So many competitions are going on to take first place! I wonder will become victorious!

Jurina face is full of determination don’t you think?

There are also some shocking news about some members not participating this year such as Rena Matsui, Haruna Kojima, Anna Iriyama, Asuka Kuramochi, Rina Kawaei and others more.


It’s made me sad some people I supported didn’t want to participate this year.. but Rena did tweet that she didn’t want to be ranked by her fans anymore and instead, wanted to let her fans know that their what means the most to her than ranking in Senbatsu. Asuka and Haruna also have mentioned the wonderful fans that supported them till the end and told them to continue to support them despite not participating in Senbatsu. Others seems to be hinting their graduation… possibly members such as Haurna and Anna…


Sunakku has said this in a few post of members graduating but this year a lot of members are going on there own path… It’s sad to heard members you supported move on from 48 family… Like Airin Furukawa, Nana Yamada, Kono Sai and many others…

This year seems to bring new changes to the 48 family, but whatever happens, will always support them! Elections are so close! I want to support all the members participating this year, I wonder who will take top this year? Whoever it is I’ll will root for them till the end, and for all the graduating members me and Sunakku will root for them till the end also!


Also the 2nd Draft is starting tomorrow! the excitement is killing me, I wonder which girl will be in the new group NGT48 and in the other sister groups? well we have to see tomorrow

NGT48 members Yuki and Rie

There was also an AKB48 Sport meet that happened, all the members had a fun and exciting time fighting against each other. Also the end results to the winning Team was….Team 8! congrats to Team 8! hope to see more of them in the future and congratulations to Team A, B, K and 4 for their hard work in participating in the Sport meets!

tumblr_no3sm3c7Or1u2z4l0o1_540 imagetumblr_no3jwe4fcR1u1qdqlo3_1280tumblr_no3dmwPx131tx55bao2_1280

Also after the sport meet ended… poor Team A had to clean up the mess! But their still winners cleaning up the mess don’t you think?

Poor Team A cleaning after the Sports Meet, Ganbatte!!!

Sorry for not posting so much guys! I’ve been pretty busy but Im back!!!! Since we haven’t posted in a while why not try listening to AKB48 new song Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai here![PV] AKB48 40th Single – Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai [M-ON! ] And why not try BIGBANG song loser! here: BIGBANG – LOSER M/V – YouTube

Credits to the gifs and photos to the original owners on tumblr!

Also this is my oshimen list! Since Sunakku told hers here mine!

AKB48: Kizaki Yuria, Kokoyama Yui

SKE48: Jurina and Rena (My top oshimen’s) and Akane

NMB48: Jonishi Kei, Milky and Yagura Fuuko

HKT48: Madoka, Natsu and Yamashita Emili

NGT48: Kitahara Rie, since the other members haven’t been announced yet

JKT48: I actually don’t know them too much haha I like Rena Nozawa before, but she moved to Team B

SNH48: Don’t know too much about them also

Nogizaka46: Ikuta Erika, and Nishino Nanase

By: Kosupure ❤


4 thoughts on “Senbatsu Elections 7th Election! And Updated news!”

    1. Rooting for Jurina and Takamina this year haha! I know it’s sad Rena didn’t participate, but I’ll root for her acting career! Yes haha Wmatsui Oshi also!


  1. of course its just my thoughts, and I cannot avoid that this sound like some weirdo “conspiracy theory” but when a bunch of girls take same unexpected resolution simultaneously I just cant call it “coincidence” even if they attested they had their own reasons. sorry but I cannot avoid thinking “something is going wrong”. anyways, lets root for them because they totally deserve.


    1. That’s true, but that’s their decision that they made and whatever they decide to do, me and Sunakku will always support them! there personal and non personal decisions made them decide not participate in Senbatsu, so lets root for them cuz they do deserve it!


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