Majisuka Gakuen 4! Gekioko Strikes Back!

Sakura has successfully defected the trickers Magic! Salt has now taken a personal liking to Sakura and waiting for her arrival to finally come. Now the last Heavenly Queen, Otaba has become serious! The former Rappapa leader of Majisuka, what will she plan for the battle between her and Sakura! Can’t wait to see Otaba in action again


As for Gekioko High School, Kobii doesn’t want to stand around and wait, so she calls upon a duo Shirogiku and Kurobara to “Stir up” Majisuka and Gekioko battle, you sneaky Kobii!


Also in this episode i’m proud to say the finally awaiting Underling DARUMA has finally arrived! She has given Kamisori and Zombie advice when they finally noticed that Sakura doesn’t consider them worthy underlings! Daruma encourages them be Sakura underlings no matter what and they consider her advice! But wait….. Daruma holding around a stroller? Is she taking care of Black child? Is it her own?? We will never know, but i’m happy to say her wings of victory are always the best don’t you think?


Just as this is happening Zombie and Kamisori are captured by Shirogiku and Kuobara! news gets to Sakura and she finally rushes to save these two! OMG will Sakura be able to defeat them? What will happened to Zombie and Kamisori? Will Sakura have the will to save them both?


Well what are you waiting for! Go watch and see for yourself! This episode shows Sakura true feelings for her underlings and the growing bond between Team Hinabe, Zombie and Kamisori and Sakura! And I personal love this episode so far! And I can’t wait for the other arrivals of other former Majisuka students! Also come on Majisuka! why don’t you show Gekikara, Centre, Youran and Nezumi already LOL!

Thanks for Aidol for subbing and giving us sub videos of our favourite AKB variety and dramas! Why not check there channel here:

And the gifs and images are credited from the bloggers from Tumblr!

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