Majisuka Gakuen 4! Episode 5



A new battle starts NOW!

Magic in this episode shows how Yuria grew as an actress! Just look at her now SHE BADASS! And this episode made me realize how AWESOME Yuria is as one of the Heavenly Queen! ❤

Well Magic is a bit stubborn and has a “I hate to lose character” She the 3rd Heavenly Queen to challenge Sakura and she is determine to take her down with her own hands. She even has a few tricks up her sleeves to insure her victory.

When all of this is going her underlings are still following Sakura, but like Meada she ignores them like there not even there, and continues to climb the top by herself. I just wish Sakura took noticed on her underlings! Come on Sakura I know you care about them!

Even when all of this is happening Salt is waiting patiently for Sakura arrival, meanwhile Otaba isn’t going to let Sakura take the Heavenly Queens down as she the last Queen after Magic.


The climax for the Majisuka is coming as Gekioko High School is finally taking action and bring in 2 new characters to bring Sakura down!!


Well if enough of me talking about it this Epic Episode! Why don’t you see for yourself of the Epic Battle between Magic vs. Sakura!


Click here:

Big Thanks for Aidol team for bring updated Majisuka and Akb related videos to us! and also the Gifs and Photo from Tumblr!

Brought to you by: Kosupure

Have a Great Day Readers!


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